10 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Hair And Makeup Trial

Published by - The Wed Post | 4 minute read

Image by The Wedding Story

If you want to make sure your wedding hair and makeup is on point, we suggest going for a hair and makeup trial. Some makeup artist’s offer a free hair and makeup trial (if they’re just starting out), some offer a half-face makeup trial while some charge for a full hair and makeup trial. Regardless, this trial is worth it. Once you have booked your trial, follow these 10 tips to make sure that you get the most out of your hair and makeup trial!

Share your ideas

Don’t just sit there and ask the makeup artist and hairstylist to work their magic. Have some ideas, show them pictures of what you want your hairstyle to look like. Don’t be afraid to give them an idea of the kind of makeup you like and want.

Keep your neckline in mind

Wear a t-shirt or top that recreates the neckline of your wedding blouse. That way, you’ll know how to do your hair to enhance your neckline instead of hiding it. Also, do make sure that the foundation on your face matches the skin tone on your neck as well as your neckline!

Take some of your own products

The products you use will give the makeup artist a fair idea of the type of makeup you like. If you take a matte finish foundation, a light rose gold highlighter and nude lipsticks, the makeup artist will know that you prefer a nude look! That saves time and increases the chances of you liking the look.

Not all curls are the same

You might love the idea of beach waves, but you might think you look like a hot mess once the hairstylist actually finishes the job. So, show the hairstylist a picture of the curls you want and make sure you love them once they’re all set – after all, that is what your hair will look like on the big day!

Always go make-up free

Your face should be freshly washed and makeup-free. Don’t even apply any moisturizer. Let your face be the canvas for the makeup artist. Usually, artists do their best work on a blank canvas! And, it gives them a clear picture of what they have to work with – skin tone, skin type, lines and wrinkles etc.

The colour of your outfit matters

Let the makeup artist know the colour of your outfit before starting the trial. If you’re wearing a hot pink lehenga, your makeup artist is most likely to steer away from a hot pink lipstick. If you’re wearing a gold and ivory outfit, your makeup artist will probably let your makeup do all the talking. Do remember, the trial makeup is what your makeup will look like on the main day, so it has to be in sync with your outfit!

Ask lots of questions

Do you think a smokey eye will look better than a subtle eyeshadow? Do you think I should opt for a matte finish lipstick? Is this lipstick long-lasting? Should I condition my hair on the big day or not? Should you use fake eyelashes? Ask any question on your mind so that the communication is easy and the expectations are met on the big day.

Be open to suggestions

If the makeup artist is suggesting that you opt for a nude lipstick instead of a bright red one, be open to the suggestion. If the makeup artist says red lehenga with red lipstick, try it out! It might just look better than you can imagine. Similarly, if the hairstylist tells you to opt for a messy braid or a messy bun, try it out. You’ll never know if you love it or hate it till you try it!

Note the timing

Let’s assume the makeup artist and hairstylist together took one and a half hours to do your hair and makeup. It is safe to assume that on your wedding day, they will take at least two to three hours to do the same – on that day, it has to look perfect! Schedule the time for your wedding day accordingly.

Take lots of pictures

Your wedding is going to be documented by the photographer, so you have to make sure your hair and makeup look good in pictures. Take pictures from different angles to make sure it looks perfect – if it looks too cakey, too dark, too messy or just too much in the pictures, chances are it looks the same in real life!

Most importantly, don’t settle. If you don’t like something about the makeup or you’re not happy with your hair, say so. If the makeup artist or hairstylist cannot change it, change the makeup artist or hairstylist. You want to look your best on your big day; that is the whole point of the trial. If you aren’t happy with the trial, you most certainly won’t be happy on the big day.