10 tips to accessorize your wedding outfit

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

Finding that perfect wedding outfit is never an easy task. And the more functions you’re having, the more outfits you need to buy! These outfits have to be show-stoppers that make every head in the room turn. When you walk out as the bride, you need to look the part – and only your outfit can do that. If you’re a to-be bride who is in the middle of outfit hunting, you know exactly what we’re talking about! Except, it isn’t only your outfit that will make heads turn. Any normal day-to-day outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories, and the same goes for your wedding too. So here are 10 tips to help you to accessorize your wedding outfit perfectly!

Find the right bling

Your jewellery needs to compliment your outfit, it needs to make your wedding outfit look like it’s come off the pages of Vogue! You don’t need just your outfit or just your jewellery to stand out – your whole look needs to stand out!

Image via Issrani Photography

Who says dupattas aren’t accessories?

Some designers design the dupatta to make it look like a cape. Instead of draping it normally, you can drape it around your lehenga like you’d drape a saree. Play with the dupatta, don’t stick to traditional looks.

Image via Masoom Minawala

Get creative with your shoes

No matter how long your lehenga is, the shoes always show. Buy a pair of heels which will actually add a little something to your outfit, as opposed to just ‘being there’ as a necessity.

Image via Papa Dont Preach By Shubhika

Embrace the casual, effortless vibe

Planning a comfy look for you Sangeet? Pair a gorgeous pair of sneakers with your lehenga. That way you can walk around comfortably and dance the night away. To add a glam factor, you can even wear sneakers with sequins!

Image via @bethina.baumgratz

Accessorize to show off your best features

Do you want to show off your toned arms? Wear an armband! Do you want to show off your tiny waist? Wear a beautiful kamarband to really accentuate it. Want to show off your collar bones? Opt for a choker necklace. You get where this is going, right?

Image via Jayanti Reddy Label

How much is too much?

If you're going to wear three necklaces, 200 bangles, 5 rings and more, no one is going to even notice your outfit. For example, think about the neckline of your outfit while choosing the jewellery. You want your accessories to stand out, not to get overshadowed by your other ones!

Image via Anita Dongre

Makeup is your best accessory

Your makeup completes your look. Are you going for a sultry evening gown look for your reception? You can totally ask your makeup artist to do a smokey eye. Want to look regal and elegant on your wedding day? Stick to nudes and highlighters.

Image via Nadine Dhody

It’s all about how you wear your hair!

You can tie it up, curl it down, straighten it to no end or make a messy bun. Again, how you decide to do up your hair adds to the whole look of your outfit, which essentially adds as an accessory.

Image via Anita Dongre

Glam nails all the way

Every photographer at the wedding will focus on your hands, especially during the engagement and the mehendi. Opt for nail extensions and get some beautiful nail art done. It doesn’t have to be matching with every outfit, sometimes even a simple French manicure looks amazing. It will really complete your whole look!

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Get yourself an arm candy!

Image via Papa Don't Preach By Shubhika

From lipsticks for instant touch-ups to tissues for dabbing makeup bleeds and sweat, brides constantly need a plethora of products. Opt for a compact hand clutch or traditional potlis to carry this stuff around. Not only will they beautifully conceal all the things you are carrying, but will also add a gorgeous charm to your outfit!

Your smile is your best accessory, so don’t forget to smile and have a great time!