10 tips to have a picture perfect wedding

Published by - Ananya | 5 minute read

You know a wedding is brilliant when it looks good on the gram! Just think about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding – we saw very few pictures, but what we saw made our jaws drop. Even Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding for that matter – the pictures that made it to Instagram showed the vibrant decor, the beautiful setup and the energetic vibes. Do you want your wedding to stand out too? These tips on how to have a picture perfect wedding will definitely get you there.

Blow up that wedding hashtag

Every wedding has a hashtag nowadays, because how else will people be able to stalk the wedding photographs on Instagram? Now imagine having that wedding hashtag in the background of your photographs. The blown up wedding hashtag adds a personal touch, make everyone talk about the hashtag and always acts as a great background for pictures!

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What screams pictures more than a photo booth?

We say, opt for a beautiful floral photo booth with pretty pastel flowers in the background – you can never get bad pictures with such pretty backgrounds! If floral doesn’t go with your wedding vibe, opt for a vibrant photo booth background so that the colours make the photograph pop. Maybe a background with flowers and fairy lights? Don’t forget to add good lighting so that the photo booth pictures turn out awesome!

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Choose your theme wisely

An all-white theme looks beautiful, until you see wine stains and shoe prints on the white cloth in pictures. Choose a theme that photographs well. More importantly, choose a theme that can be consistently seen throughout the venue. Your theme could be vibrant florals, ocean blues, a starry night or even a holi theme. People should be able to look at multiple pictures and tell that it’s your wedding theme!

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Make your bridesmaids and groomsmen co-ordinate their outfits with yours

Just imagine, all your bridesmaids in outfits that are a shade of blush pink and all your groomsmen in the same blush pink Nehru jackets. Every guest at the wedding will know that these guys are part of the bride and grooms main crew! And, just imagine the beautiful pictures you’re going to get when the photographer starts taking pictures of the couple and their friends. Nothing beats a colour coordinated squad!

Image via @houseofmisu

Image via @houseofmisu

Nothing says picturesque like unique decor

If you want people to take more pictures, the decor needs to be really unique. If it’s a fun day mehendi, add colourful umbrellas as part of the decor. Put fairy lights around trees to add that subtle glam factor. Have an entrance that is made out of just flowers. You can even hang hundreds of dream catchers as decor. Maybe a cocktail party with tents as seating instead of chairs? Think out-of-the-box – that’s what will get everyone’s attention!

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Vibrant vibes

Vibrancy is key. You want your guests to walk in and say wow, because the colours you chose are so bright and pretty and so so happy! Even pastels can be vibrant – so don’t think loud colours. You can have mint green and hot pink tenting – just imagine the wow factor. The venue should look so vibrant that your guests can’t help but take out their phone for pictures as soon as they walk in.

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