10 Unforeseen Expenses That Brides Should Be Prepared For

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

Setting a budget for your wedding can be quite a daunting task. You regularly need to keep a track of expenses and despite all the measures you take, there are always some unforeseen costs that tend to slide through the cracks. Hence, to make sure that you don't forget any bills and are amply aware of all the teeny-tiny expenses involved, here are some unforeseen expenses that you should be prepared for before finalising your wedding budget. 

Bridal Beauty Regime

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Yes, you've booked your makeup artist and hairstylist for the wedding, but remember that you may need some more pampering to be all set for the big day. Keep some money aside for pre-wedding beauty treatments like massages, hair spa, facials etc. These things are equally important not only for your bridal glow but also to de-stress after all the running around. 

Bachelorette Parties And Favours

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Hen parties are getting grand with time. Although your girls might be planning a surprise party or trip for you, you’ll still have to be taking care of a few expenses like travel, transfers, meals and so on. Also if you have a close pack of friends who have been planning a grand pre-nuptial celebration for you, you’ll have to thank them with little tokens of appreciation in forms of gifts and favours. So do not forget to include these little hidden costs in your wedding budget.

Dress fittings

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Even if your outfit is customised, it'll still need some alterations like hemming the garment or making some structural changes like adding extra layers of can-can, changing sleeves or neckline, adding straps, belts and so on . Some boutiques and designers do it free of cost, while others can charge you for it. So while deciding a budget for the wedding outfits, keep some amount aside for the alterations too.

Lingerie and Accessories

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Brides often tend to count this expenditure with their outfits, but it's better if you keep a separate budget for this as well. There are multiple things like shapewear, undergarments, shoes, jewellery, etc. that you need for the gatherings, so it's better to keep some money aside for it.

Unexpected Guests

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Uninvited or unexpected guests are not alien concepts for us Indians. While we all are trying to get used to RSVPing, sometimes, your guests might end up bringing an uninvited company along. And for such situations, make sure to add some extra plates, so that everyone is fed well at your wedding without compromising on the servings and quality. 

Vendor Boarding and Meals

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Hired vendors like photographers, DJ, musicians and wedding planners will stay during your wedding functions, hence you have to take care of their boarding and meals as well. While finalising the catering order and booking stays, don't forget to include them in the bill. Don't try to skip this cost. Keep your teams comfortable and well-fed so that all your functions run smoothly. 


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Tips are optional, but it's common to tip your hair and makeup artists, photographers, DJs, drivers, florists, etc. It should all be budgeted ahead of time so that you don’t end up taking last-minute trips to the bank.


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Printing extra invites, cutesy touches like cocktail signs, welcome signs, etc. are always last minute. Hence, make sure that your stationery budget includes all of these small items as well.

Miscellaneous Expenses

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We don’t intend to scare you but there is always some room for things going amiss once a while in weddings. Especially in case of destination weddings, we recommend having a decent amount of money, vouchers or cards handy in case of emergencies. While your wedding planner would definitely ensure your celebration to be absolutely fool-proof, new cities and destinations can sometimes come up with new, unforeseen problems and it’s always advisable to have some monetary flow handy to resolve these.

Post-Wedding Expenses

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Your wedding costs don't end after saying “I do.” There are multiple things that you need to do after the wedding. Sending thank you cards, preserving the wedding outfits, getting some post-wedding massages, outfits for post-wedding dinner and party invites need money. So do not forget to have these expenses accounted well in advance too.