10 Ways To Style The No Dupatta Look

Published by - The Wed Post | 8 minute read

Over the ages, wedding looks have started becoming more repetitive with very little to no innovation. For instance, one wedding look that's been repeated way too often is that of draping the dupatta. While dupattas do add grace to the outfit, they are difficult to carry and are a hassle to wear for most young brides. If you struggle carrying a dupatta and are planning to substitute it with an alternative, then here are some trendy alternatives to your boring dupatta. These stylish ways will add more volume, drama, class and style to your outfit. Check them now!

Cape It Like A Superwoman

Image by Prathyusha Garimella

Capes go well with casual outfits, but you can add it to your traditional outfit and give it an Indo-western look. Pair it with a lehenga or an adorned pair of trousers- it will add more volume to your outfit. If your blouse is plain, you can opt for a cape with some detailing on it, and if it is bedazzled, then you can go with a basic cape.

Say Yes To Overcoats

Image by Papa Don't Preach By Shubhika

Overcoats have the power to add royalty to any outfit. If your outfit is light in tone, then a dark coloured coat will compliment the outfit. You can have some embroidery on the collars or the sleeves to add more drama to your outfit. Long overcoats also give you a slim look, and if you pair them with the right footwear, they make you look slightly tall as well.

Bid Adieu To Sleeves With Sleeveless Jackets

Image by Anita Dongre

Sleeveless jackets, either medium or long, are a great alternative to a dupatta. They look ethnic, are easy to manage and also make you feel light.

Sheer It Up!

Image via Pinterest

If you are planning to wear a short sleeveless blouse, then a sheer cape will work the best for you. It will not only highlight the details of the blouse, but it will also highlight your shoulders well. A sheer cape is trendy, easy to manage and can make any outfit look good.

Peplums FTW!

Image via Pinterest

Peplum tops define your waist in a better way so teaming it with your outfit is a great idea. You can also add a belt to your peplum top to give it more flare and volume.

Flaunt An Off-Shoulder Poncho

Image via Anushree Reddy

Again a great way to highlight your shoulders, plus it adds layers to the outfit. You can choose an embroidered poncho or minimalistic designed poncho depending on your bottoms. It’s is sure to add a regal touch to the outfit.

Try The One Shoulder Draped Blouse

Image via India's Pop Up

If you are confused between wanting and not wanting a dupatta, then this one's for you. Make a blouse that drapes over one shoulder, it will not only give you a saree feel, but you will also feel that you have worn a dupatta.

Channel Your Inner Boss Lady With A Blazer

Image via Vogue Italia

You can also add some spunk to your outfit by carrying a funky blazer over the shoulder. It will not only give you a boss lady look but will also make you stand out. It will add more to your personality, and if done right, it'll also give you a bold look.

Add Drama With Some Sleeves

Image via Masoom Minawala

If you don't want to add an extra layer of clothing to your outfit, then you can opt for long dramatic flowing sleeves. They'll not only look elegant but will also give you a red carpet feel.

The Real, Unedited No Dupatta Look

Image by Rishabh Agarwal

Some outfits look complete even without layering them with anything. You can add some chunky neck pieces for a dramatic look and can do much more with your hairstyle to complete the look.