12 Airbnb Villas In Goa For The Perfect Bachelorette Stay With Your Girls

Published by - Anaanya | 8 minute read

Going to Goa with your girls to celebrate your last few single days? Staying in a hotel during your bachelorette is never fun – you can’t all sleep in the same room, you have to wear PJs to roam around the corridors as opposed to your teeny shorts and you probably can’t blast music till the wee hours of the morning! Why not book a villa for you and your crew? You and your girls can chill in the living room, party till the sun comes up, roam around in your bikinis if you so wish and jump into your private pool! If this idea sounds appealing to you, wait till you see these 12 Airbnb villas in Goa that you can book for your bachelorette to make sure it’s nothing short of the most amazing time with your girls!

Bali Vibes

Wishing you could have your bachelorette in Bali? Don’t worry, this Bali style villa in the heart of Goa will make up for that! This three-bedroom villa is the epitome of luxury. An open-air living room, three spacious bedrooms, a private pool and a huge terrace with a view of the rice fields, this villa has everything you can ask for, and more.

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Chic Style

If exquisite decor and modern exteriors are your thing, then you’re going to fall in love with this place. This two-bedroom villa is probably one of the chicest and luxurious places you’ll come across in all of Goa! While the enormous pool is on a sharing basis with the surrounding villas, you can just hope that those are empty during your stay and enjoy it to the fullest!

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Dreamy Days

You know those modern villas you see in the movies? This one is just like those, except it’s better. This modern and chic vacation home has two bedrooms which open out to a private pool. Do you even need anything else? Not too far from some of the main beaches in Goa, this villa allows you to enjoy your privacy while being centrally located.

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Portuguese Pomp

A quaint Portuguese style villa, this one is perfect for your girls trip. This two-bedroom villa has been featured in Travel+Leisure, so you know it’s worth every penny! With a compact pool and a small garden, think of this villa as a home away from home. Except, it’s just a few minutes from the beach and you’re staying here with your girls!

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Party All Night

This vibrant four-bedroom villa is so spacious, you could easily fit all your friends in here! With a lavish pool, a huge living room, an outdoor bar and seating area as well as a spacious kitchen, you don’t need to leave and go out for anything! However, if you do, the beaches and nightclubs are just a short drive away!

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Pool Times

This three-bedroom villa is as private as it gets. With a pretty large pool that overlooks like rice fields, a cabana right next to the pool for you and your girls to spend your lazy afternoons sipping mimosas and outdoor seating for you to drink the night away, this villa has got you covered!

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Minimalistic Elegance

This three-bedroom villa is basically goals! With really chic interiors and a minimalistic sense of modern decor, this place is perfect for you and your crew. You wake up, jump into your private plunge pool, get ready and head to the beaches, relax in the afternoon while sipping beer in your spacious living room. Sounds ideal right?

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Rustic Regalia

This rustic three-bedroom villa comes with a private pool in the courtyard. This spacious villa is really chic with a minimalistic yet elegant vibe. Barely a 10-minute drive from most beaches, this villa is pretty central – a quick drive to the beach, a short drive to the club, a quick walk to dinner. Love the location, and love the villa!

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Posh & Prim

Lavish is an understatement! The modern decor, the beautiful way the whole place is done up, the spacious terrace and the open-air living room – there is nothing we don’t love about this place! With a compact private pool and decor so chic and so refined, this three-bedroom villa is worth every rupee.

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Majestic Mansion

Who doesn’t want to live in a mansion? Away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet not too far from most of the beaches, this apartment is ideal for the girls who just want to chill and relax! This three-bedroom villa has been designed by a famous architect – so you know it’s going to be grand. Ps. This villa also comes with a private butler! How fancy is that?

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Get Beachy!

A private villa for you and your girls, yes, please! This villa is spacious, and it comes with an indoor private pool for you to really enjoy your time here. It’s a two-bedroom apartment that is close to various beaches. So, you can spend the day lounging by your private pool and head out to one of the beach clubs at night, win-win!

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Terrace & Wine

Located in North Goa, this four-bedroom villa is close to all the beaches and nightclubs. There is a huge living room, bedrooms that open out to private balconies, a huge terrace for you to enjoy a starlight dinner with your girls and a private pool to spend your lazy afternoons. The balconies also have a partial sea view which makes it all the more better!

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