12 Bridal Fashion Accessories You Simply Cannot Forget About

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Your big day is coming, you’re going to have three main functions, you’ve chosen outfits, you’ve decided what jewellery sets you’re going to wear and the whole ensemble looks fabulous in your mind. But what about your accessories? Have you bought the right bangles to game up your outfit? Have you picked out the perfect anklets for the wedding day? What about an arm cuff on the reception to add a slight traditional touch to your whole look? Don’t start stressing; we’ve come up with a list of the 12 accessories that you just cannot afford to forget about! Obviously, this list isn’t going to include necklaces and earrings because we figure you’ve already kept those in mind. Just add these to your checklist and let the seamless bridal trousseau planning process continue.


Bangles look great with every Indian outfit. No, we’re not just talking about diamond bangles or emerald and ruby studded bangles. We’re talking about plain and simple glass bangles, plastic bangles and even thread bangles that add to your overall look. We think brightly coloured glass bangles are a must for every function – they really complete an outfit and how!

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Maang tikka

Please don’t be the kind of bride who says no to a maang tikka. Maang tikkas are gorgeous, especially if you manage to find some antique ones. You don’t need to limit wearing your maang tikka at just the wedding function, you can literally show off your collection and wear a new one for each and every function that you have, even the small house functions. Yes, that’s how much we love maang tikkas! Also, we hope you’ve picked up one gorgeous passa too, because the combination of the maang tikka and passa is absolutely stunning!

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a nose piercing or not, a nose ring always looks fabulous. In typical jewellery terms, we’re talking about a ‘nath’. You’ve seen those brides who almost look like Mughlai princesses? It’s all because of the royal nath. So whether you’re in the mood to wear a huge studded round nath or you just want to wear a simple diamond stud, we’re all in favour of a nose ring.

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Matha patti

These look great at every function, right from the mehndi or sangeet to the wedding day. Usually, brides prefer to wear a matha patti for the sangeet and a maang tikka on the wedding day. but we’re all for doing something different, aren’t we? With thousands of stunning matha patti options available in the market, we’re sure you’ll get your hands on one for every ceremony!

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Please be a traditional bride and wear a pair of payals in this day and age of modern brides! They look gorgeous in the photographs and really add some character to the whole outfit. We recommend wearing payals on the wedding day because they look gorgeous under the lehenga on your henna clad feet. Or, you could opt to wear an elegant Pakistani suit for your Mehndi and dress the outfit up with a beautiful pair of silver payals.

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Yes, you’re getting married and the only ring you care about is the one that your husband is going to put on your finger. But whatever happened to fashionable rings that make great accessories? We’d hate for a bride to have bare hands, so we think a nice solid ring or even a few funky rings will look great on your dainty fingers.

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Kamar band

You’ll see a lot of south Indian brides wearing a Kamar band, and that makes us so happy! In our opinion, a Kamar band really ties the whole outfit together and it accentuates your waist which is always a good thing. Plus, it’s a really traditional accessory that contributes heavily to your bridal demeanour!

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The markets are flooded with such gorgeous varieties of kaleeras and how! Gone are the days when the bride could only buy traditional gold kaleeras. From gorgeous floral ones to delicate pearl kaleeras which perfectly match your outfit, there are a thousand varieties to choose from.

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You’re going to need something to keep your lipstick, your phone and probably a few breath mints. How about a matching potli that makes your outfit look totally adorable? As much as we love clutches, we know a bride needs her hands free so we think a potli is a great idea.

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Hair Accessories

You’re going to need some fresh flowers for your floral bun, some pretty clips if you’re planning on keeping your hair open and maybe a delicate jewelled brooch to add some bedazzle to your hairdo. No matter what your final hairdo is going to be, you’re going to need some stunning accessories for it. If you ask us, a delicate clip on the side or the back looks gorgeous!

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Don’t you think a bindi totally transforms our looks? it goes from ethnic to traditional in seconds! We think bindis are extremely underrated, and more and more brides should start wearing the bindi because it really adds to the whole look. Even just a small little red bindi adds to the whole bride-to-be attire, so if you’re in the mood to look really elegant and traditional, don’t forget to buy a packet of bindis.

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With the right pair of juttis, the bride can conquer the world, let alone her wedding! Nothing completes the bridal look like a pair of juttis. Yes, some brides might say that heels add to the whole look but we think it is juttis that actually complete the bridal look. Be it the mehendi or the sangeet, we think juttis should be your go-to shoe – they’re comfortable, they’re dressy and they look absolutely stunning.

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If you’re having a day wedding or a day mehndi, or maybe just a sundowner party, then you must not forget about your sunglasses! Brides in sunglasses look uber cool, and sometimes, you just need a pair of shades after a long night of drinking. You can opt for something branded, something funky or just something that matches the colour of your outfit – think of these sunglasses as you stylish hangover helper.

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