15 things to add in your wedding welcome hamper

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When you have a destination wedding, it is expected that you put a welcome basket in every guest’s room. This is a way of making your guests feel welcome with a personal touch. These welcome baskets don’t have to be over-the-top lavish or too expensive; they just have to convey to your guests that you’re excited to have them be a part of your big day. So we came up with a list – this includes a few cute ideas, a few practical ones and everything your guests will absolutely love!

1. Sleeping Mask

If you want your guests to party all night, you need to let them get their beauty sleep too. And for that, they’re going to need a sleep mask. You can personalize these eye masks with your wedding hashtag or maybe a quote like ‘wake me up for the wedding’.

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2. The Wedding Schedule

Place a brief wedding schedule in every welcome basket. That way, your guests know what time to be ready, where the venue is and what the functions are. All the planning and communication in the world won’t add up to the effect of this printed schedule!

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3. Cold-brew Coffee

Who doesn’t love a good cold brew? Put a few sachets of a cold brew coffee for your guests to enjoy in the morning. Plus, this will act as the pick-me-up they need to be energetic and ready for the morning functions.

Image via Sleepy Owl Coffee

4. Hangover kit

The most useful thing that you can put in the wedding basket in a hangover kit! This should include a headache medicine, a strip of party smart, an energy drink, coconut water, mint, eye drops and anything else you can think of.

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5. Earplugs

This one is for the guests who don’t want to party all night long. Gift them the gift of sleep by placing earplugs in their baskets. They’re going to thank you in the morning.

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6. Munchies

After a heavy night of drinking or just a long day of being on their feet, your guests are bound to be tired. Put things like biscuits, energy bars, cookies, soda cans, chocolate bars, etc for them to munch on when they’re rushing to get ready.

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7. Scented candles

This could act as your wedding memento. Get it engraved with the destination of your wedding and the year. When the guests go home and light it up, they’ll remember all the fun times at your wedding!

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8. Something homemade

This could be a homemade jam, homemade brownies or even homemade chocolate barks. You don’t need to make these at home, just buy them from a person or a company that makes these! It’s just a small personal gesture that your guests will appreciate.

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9. Basic essentials

All the girls are definitely going to need pins, clips, bindi’s and rubber bands so make sure you add in a small pouch with these essentials for the girls.

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10. Miniatures

Just put one or two miniatures of your favourite alcohol in the baskets. Your guests will be happy, you’ll have a lit sangeet, so what more can you ask for? You can even put customised miniatures which have the wedding hashtag – another great wedding favour!

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11. Disposable slippers

These are perfect for when your guests want to take their dancing shoes off! They can even wear these slippers to lounge around the hotel. And, these act as a cool take-home gift once the functions are over. If you manage to get them personalized, nothing like it!

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12. Local specialities

Say you’re getting married in France, put a box of macaroons. If you’re getting married in Dubai, put some famous dates in the wedding basket. If the wedding is taking place in Goa, put a packet of those famous Goan cashews. You get the idea.

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13. Sunscreen or moisturizer

If you’re getting married in a beachy place, then your guests will be thanking you for that bottle of sunscreen (most people tend to forget sunscreen while they’re packing). If your wedding is in a cold place, then nothing like a good moisturizer to prevent dry skin!

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14. Bottle opener

This can be a really cool welcome gift as well as a take-home gift – just make sure the bottle opener goes with the wedding theme. For example, you’re having a wedding on the beach then you choose a bottle opener which is in the form of a shell or something like that! Add a little sticky note on the bottle opener for a personal touch.

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15. Rejuvenating facemask

After a long day of being out in the sun with makeup covered faces, after a long night of dancing and having fun, who won’t love a facemask? Place a facemask or two in every gift basket for your guests to relax, rejuvenate and rehydrate!

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