5 ways to add scent to your wedding

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You know that feeling you get when you walk into a perfume shop? All those beautiful smells surrounding you and engaging your senses. What if we tell you that every guest can feel that way at your wedding? Truth be told, most of the high-end wedding planners actually put a lot of thought into the scents that are a part of the event. And now, with a wedding planner or without, you can make every wedding function a delight for the senses…

You can never go wrong with scented candles

The trick to scented candles is buying candles that are actually long-lasting and have a very strong fragrance. You remember the time you went to an exhibition or even a store and crossed the candle section? That is the sensory experience that you’re aiming for. Buy tens or hundreds of scented candles (depending on the size of the venue) and light them a few hours before the guests are expected to arrive. When your guests walk in, they’ll walk into a place with a powerful, lovely aroma. Think of it like this – these candles will not only make the venue smell wonderful, they’ll also add to the overall decor.

Image via @Pinterest

Image via @Pinterest

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

If you ask us, no flower has a stronger and better fragrance than the jasmine. Why do you think women wear a gajra made out of jasmine? Even lily and tuberose (popular known as Rajnigandha) have a beautiful aroma – and these flowers are easily available in the Indian market. You can place floral arrangements all around the venue for these fragrances to disperse. You can even hang strands of jasmine or tuberoses all around the venue, especially at the entrance. You can use any of these flowers as centrepieces, over the head decor, mandap decor, the entrance gateway or just hang them around the venue for a beautiful aroma like no other. And don’t forget about the phoolan ki chaadar!

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Herbs have a fragrance too

Herbs like lavender, rosemary, mint, basil, catmint, etc all have their own individual fragrance. The thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to herbs is that their fragrances aren’t strong enough to fill up a huge room and, these fragrances are so distinct and unique that not all herbs can be mixed together. May we suggest using these herbs only in particular places, for example, use rosemary around the bar and ask your bartender to make rosemary infused cocktails to add to the bar vibe. In smaller spaces or closed location, have lavender and basil centrepieces to create a distinct fragrance in the room. Buy essential oils like basil or catmint and add these to a diffuser to really accentuate the fragrance. PS – herbs like lavender, basil and catnip are also known to keep mosquitos away – so if you’re having a summer wedding, this is the best way to keep mosquitos at bay while ‘scent-scaping’ your venue.

Image via @Pinterest

Image via @Pinterest

Diffusers and essence sticks can do the trick

The only hitch with diffusers and essence sticks is that you can never have enough of them. So buy in bulk, literally. The only way to make these fragrances strong enough to fill up a venue is if you have enough diffusers and essence sticks around the place. Also, the oils and fragrance that you choose need to be really strong. Choose aromas like vanilla, jasmine and musk which are strong and flavourful enough to spread through the entire venue.

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Image via @Pinterest

Use perfumes and mists the modern way

You know how clothes retain smells for a long period of time? Spray perfume the table cloths, the tenting and the chair covers with perfume. Just by doing that, the fragrance will spread through the room/venue. If you have mist fans around the venue, add a few drops of perfume in the water so that the mist that is thrown out has a fragrance. If you have floating candles or flowers as decor, add a few drops of perfume into the water. Basically, if you can see it, spray it! Even the petals that the bride throws or the petals that are thrown during the pheras can be scented using perfume.

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