5 Ways To Make The Lockdown Easier For Friends Having Their Wedding Postponed

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

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If there has ever been a difficult and stressful period to be engaged, then it undoubtedly is now! Couples around the world are having a tough time predicting when to get married, how to plan their wedding and postponing the ones which were already planned. If you are friends with any such couple dealing with the current uncertainties and want to make it better for them, then we are here to tell you how! Don on your bridesmaid and groomsmen hats and read on to know how to make this lockdown easier for your engaged friends. 

Listen to them

Sometimes all that you need in a time of stress is somebody who listens to you! Let them crib, nag, whine and cry about all the difficulties they are facing. Ask them if they would like an advice or two and keep them to yourselves if they decline. Just lending a listening ear to them might turn out to be really helpful and help them vent all the frustration out.

Organize regular wine and dine virtual dates with the core team

Your friends are sure to be under a lot of stress and pressure right now and the lockdown is only making it worse! With no fresh air to breathe and no place to hit for a refreshing job, it is only becoming difficult for them to keep sane amidst all these uncertainties. We recommend you to plan regular jamming sessions on zoom or other video calling apps with your closest friends and have a fun time talking and laughing with them. It will only help them feel disconnected from their troubles and help them with a welcome breather. 

Indulge in virtual games and masterclasses

In today’s world, there literally is a virtual alternative for everything. Ask your friend to join you for a fun online game, webinar or masterclass and learn something new. Again it might help them with a distraction from the situation at hand, and you never know, they might only learn some fun DIY tips and tricks for their wedding. 

Throw a virtual Bachelorette party!

Pick a weekend, fix a time and have all your friends decorate their rooms for a fun virtual bachelorette party! You can have your favourite cocktails ready and put on your best clothes for them party feels! Don’t forget to send out zoom invitations to everyone and make sure that nothing is lesser than a true-blue glam bachelorette!

Go old school with letters!

Whoever doesn’t like receiving heartfelt letters! During this time of distress, cheer up your engaged friends with little notes that remind them of how good times are soon to come! You can also have one friend or relative of them write a note to them each day and maintain a virtual scrapbook for it! The possibilities are endless!