6 Bangle Styles We Are Absolutely In Love With

Published by - The Wed Post | 7 minute read

Bangles have been the favourite accessories for brides across the world. A significant adornment of the Indian bride, bangles are an indispensable part of her trousseau and add a charm to her bridal demeanour. Keeping with that spirit, here are our favourite types of bangles worn by real Indian brides.

Bold Is The New Black

Image by Lightbucket Productions

Big bold chunky bangles have found a special place in the modern age brides heart. Be it for the wedding day or for the sangeet, quite a few brides have been seen wearing big exquisite bangles. It’s different, it’s traditional and it adds to the outfit so we’re totally on board.

Diamonds Are A Girl's Bestfriend

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A lot of modern brides have said no to the array of bangles and have chosen to wear one or two simple diamond bangles instead. This is especially common on the sangeet day and the reception day. In this case, all that glitters isn’t gold, it’s a gorgeous diamond-studded bangle. We think it looks really elegant and you can never go wrong with diamonds, so it’s a yes from us!

Colour Blocking Bangles

Image by Shades

In the fashion world, colour blocking means to put together two contrasting colours. While we’ve seen that with a lot of bridal outfits, this trend is now picking up with brides and their bangles. Some brides are choosing bangles that are totally in contrast to their outfit while some brides are matching their bangles to one colour of their colour blocked outfit. We think it’s a trend that should be here to stay!

It’s A Match!

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Matching bangles is an evergreen trend; be it a bride 30 years ago or a bride 50 years down the line, the matching bangle trend is always going to stick around. What we do love though, is how the new-age brides have tried to make this trend their own. If a bride is wearing an all-gold outfit, she will wear different shades of gold bangles to add to the outfit, but not to match it in totality. It’s so matchy, it becomes unique by default!

A Little Bit Of Everything

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This trend is seemingly new, but we’ve grown to quite like it. Nowadays, brides are wearing a combination of all types of bangles. You’ll see some simple glasses ones with one single Rajasthani style Polki bangle on each side or maybe metal bangles which are paired with simple plastic bangles to add an extra touch. This mix and match bangle trend seems to be quite on point, and it definitely looks really beautiful.

No Bangles At All

Image by The Photo Diary by Monisha

A lot of brides are choosing to ditch the bangles completely. While not for the main wedding ceremony, but quite a large number of brides are going to their mehnndi and sangeet with bare wrists.