6 Unnoticeable Bar Swaps For A Budget Friendly Wedding

Published by - Ritu Ravi | 5 minute read

Weddings are synonymous with good times. And good times resonate the best with a bar full of great drinks. Sure, weddings are cheery celebrations of undying love and steadfast commitment. But they are also sources of unpleasant budgetary decisions that constantly force you to ask, should I splurge on this or save on that? Undoubtedly, budgeting and cost-cutting are daunting tasks. After all, booze is a hefty item on your wedding budget. When you’re coming up with ideas for your wedding bar, the key is making sure everything is easily accessible and that your bar is inviting and looks great and most importantly is affordable. With that in mind, we decided to kick off some bar swap ideas that your guests won’t notice but will help you save a rupee here and there, all while you still throw that kickass party!

Rethink The Champagne Toast

Image via The Wedding Story

The champagne toast has become one of those traditions that modern couples opt out of during the reception mostly to save a quick buck spent upon the expensive drink. However, if you are a couple with a taste for all things classic, you can still go ahead with that fancy toast with this quick hack. While you can limit the serving of your special champagne for your inner circle, let your bartenders pour some delicious sparkling wine for the rest of the guests. The difference is barely any to notice. And for those who do not have a taste for wine, you can let them raise the toast with any other drink that they like! We promise those speeches will be just as sweet!

Keep The Best For The Last

Image via The Wedding Bartenders

All of us know that having top-shelf liquor available all night  can become nightmarishly expensive. Instead you can keep the cognac, absinthe or tequila for the end of the function. Think of it as a showstopper drink that would only help conclude the function on super-fancy and ‘high’ note, quite literally!

Desi Bar

Image via The Wedding Designers

Giving it a traditional and locale feel to the bar at your wedding by sourcing local brands and you’ll be deserving of a pat on the back for being mindful of the concept of #VocalFor Local.

Choose Compostable or Recyclable Cups and Cutlery

Image via Fotoconto

Choosing the cutlery for your wedding can be extremely tricky. There are too many options out there right from expensive glassware to recyclable dinnerware. If you want an eco as well as pocket friendly way, swap those single use cups with refillable mugs. Well, responsible weddings are in vogue and it definitely should be the way forward according to us. Also, since everybody would stick to their own multi-purpose cups, you are bound to save a few rupees on varying glassware for different drinks.

Mirror, Mirror On The Bar

Image via Daniel Kincaid Photography

Having a mirror decor for your bar is the perfect way of adding a hint of drama and glamour without spending much. Mirror backdrops add depth to a space and the reflection of all those showcased bottles is sure to add glitz to your bar. What’s more? A simple single-piece mirror is extremely easy on the pocket and you surely do not need any other piece of embellishment to amp it up.

Go The DIY Way

Image via With Love, Nilma

Frame a personalized ‘Cheers’ print in a gold frame, and position it in front of gold-and-white striped straws for a wedding bar display that your guests won't be able to refuse. There are a ton of DIY Decor Ideas for your wedding. Let your brain juices flow and come up with the most stunning DIY Bar decor for your big day. Afterall, DIY is pocket friendly, isn’t it?