7 Games To Add A Dash Of Sass To Your Bachelorette

Published by - Anaanya | 5 minute read

Bachelorette is to a wedding what appetisers are to a fancy meal. Elaborate international trips, weekend getaways, or just a PJ party with the bride tribe, bachelorettes are all about having a blast with your girl squad! To make your hen night just a little more special, exciting and a little bit naughty, here are some fun sassy games you can play to make sure that the hen party is as perfect as the wedding to follow!

The bride quiz

Come up with some questions which are very personal to you and your girls – this could be about school memories, something that happened during a girls’ trip, an embarrassing story or your first boyfriend. Ask your bride tribe to gather around and let the quiz begin. To make this a fun drinking game, whoever answers first has to nominate one person to drink.

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The bachelorette scavenger hunt

If you’re having your bachelorette party in a club or a bar, then this is the perfect game! Give each bride tribe member a scavenger hunt list – whoever completes the list first wins. This list can include things like getting a picture with a random guy, steal something pink from the club/bar, buy the bride a shot, find a guy with the same name as the groom and so on. It’ll have your girls excited and you all will definitely have fun stories to reminisce long after the hunt is over.

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The bridal beer pong

Instead of basic plastic or red beer cups, buy pink plastic cups or any funky cups which actually have a bachelorette party vibe. Set up the table as you would for beer bong, but replace the beer with champagne. Think of this as a fun and girly twist on beer pong. Here’s hoping the bride is a pro at beer bong!

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The clean or naughty version of ‘pin the tail’

As the original game goes, you blindfold every person and they pin the tail on the donkey. Well, you can play your own variations of this. One example could be that you blow up the picture of the groom and you pin ‘his tail’ while you’re blindfolded. Another version is to blow up a picture of the bride’s celebrity crush, and every bridesmaid has to go plant a kiss on the picture – be sure to smear on that lipstick properly!

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The real guessing game

This is basically an adult version of ‘what’s in the bag’. All you have to do is fill up a bag with multiple goodies. For a clean version of the game, add things like nail paint, makeup brushes, hair scrunchies and other such stuff. For a more adult version, add all the naughty items you can think of. Every person puts their hand in and tries to guess what item they’re touching. To make this a drinking game – loser has a shot, winner nominates a person to drink.

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Drink if – the real drinking game

If you want your girlfriends to get really drunk, then you should play the ‘drink if’ game. The rules are pretty simple. There will be statements like ‘drink if you have known the bride for over 10 years’ or ‘drink if you’re wearing pink today’ or ‘drink if you have gone on a trip with the bride’ and so on. If the statement applies to you, you drink! If it applies to the bride, she drinks too. It’s fun and easy and it ensures everyone has a good time.

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The adult version of cards and board games

How about a naughty version of Pictionary? The drawings will be hilarious while the guesswork will be even funnier. By the time this game ends, you all will be in splits! Another option is to play the bridal version of cards against humanity called bachelorette against decency. Again, the answers will have you clutching your stomachs and rolling on the floor. Order these games well in advance or try to find printable versions online!

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