7 keepsakes to save from your wedding day

Published by - Ananya | 5 minute read

If you could, you’d probably keep everything from your wedding day! Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. Luckily, we have pictures to remind us of every big and small thing that happened during all the wedding functions. But still, some sort of memento is a must! Yes, you’re going to have your wedding lehenga nicely wrapped and boxed in the corner of your cupboard – and if that isn’t a big enough reminder, then what is? But, we’ve thought of a few special things that you can, nah, should save from your wedding as keepsakes.

Your wedding invites

Wedding invites are special – all the time and effort that went behind choosing that invite! Plus, the wedding invite is what sets the mood for the whole wedding. So, why not frame your wedding invites? That way you can look at them every once in a while and they’ll make for unique decor.

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Your wedding playlist

We don’t mean all the songs the DJ played for a good five hours. We’re just talking about the special songs – the song you made your entry to, the songs your friends performed to, the songs you and your husband danced to, the one that played during your bidai and so on. Just listening to these songs will take you back to your wedding day, as if it were yesterday.

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Your kaleeras

Yes, you’re supposed to shake them over the bachelors and bachelorettes heads to decide who is going to get married next. But, shouldn’t you save a piece to remind you of your big day? You can hang these in your room, keep them in your jewellery box or just place them on your dresser.

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Your wedding binder

Most brides tend to make a wedding binder which has every little detail thoughtfully planned out. Don’t let go of that – you can show it to your kids so many years later! Every time you’ll flip through it, you’ll just remember how nothing went as per plan but you still had the best wedding ever. You can even add some pictures from your wedding to compare ‘the plan vs the reality’.

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Your wedding bangles

You’re never going to wear them again, so you might as well keep them for old times sake. Instead of just hiding them away in a jewellery box, you can frame them! Or, you can at least put them in a glass box on your dressing table as decor.

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Your champagne bottle

At some point in all your wedding functions, you and your husband have to have popped open a bottle of champagne. Save the bottle or you can also save the cork! Get it framed beautifully or you can just tie a ribbon around it and hang it somewhere in your room. It was your first bottle of champagne as a married couple, of course, it’s important!

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Your special memory

There is always one special thing that happens at every wedding. Maybe it was when your husband picked you up and whisked you away from the stage. Or when you and your husband had your first dance. Maybe it was that look in his eye during the wedding pheras. Whatever that special memory was, find a picture of that exact moment and frame it. Such memories are worth keeping for a lifetime.

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