8 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Entertainment

Published by - The Wed Post | 8 minute read

You’ve drifted into a daydream of the perfect wedding day more times than you can count and have planned every small detail to the T. And to make this dream come true, you want to keep your guests entertained so that they can talk about your wedding right until your 10th anniversary. And as tempting an electrifying entertainment sounds, everything comes with a price! But that doesn't simply stop you from having lots of fun, albeit on a budget. We are here to help you with that. Here are some tips that'll help you paint the town red at your wedding, all while you go a little easy on your pocket. 

Go for a detailed price list

Before finalising the DJ, band or performers - request for an itemised price list; this will help you understand what you are paying for. After getting the list, you can negotiate a final and lower amount. 

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Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to put on a show

It's your day, you will sit back and enjoy, but your gang can put up a memorable show for you. If your maid of honour is good at singing, she can sing a few songs and if your cousin has always been compering shows back in college, he can definitely anchor the function for you. Whatever the case, the idea is to make your closest circle handle the entertainment bit. At best, it could be a shockingly stunning performance, and at worst it’ll at least make a funny story.

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Play some games!

If you want to do something different for your wedding, then how about engaging your family in some fun games? One member from the family can host games not only for the couple but also for the rest of the family members. Such games also strengthen the bond between family members and end up engaging them way more than a staged performance. 

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Book students

Instead of booking a pricey band or entertainment group for your ceremony, call music and dance schools and have them suggest an expert student group that can entertain guests on a set budget. 

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Plan an off-season wedding

If you cannot compromise on wedding entertainment, then plan an off-season wedding. With an off-season wedding, the prices of your favourite band or group will be significantly less and being off-season you will be able to negotiate the price in a better way. 

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Book early

When you start planning the wedding, keep a budget aside for the wedding entertainment, since it will help you understand what you want on your big day. You can contact a few agencies to book the artists or contact the artists yourself. The advantage of booking early is you get a sufficient amount of time to look for artists, negotiate with them and get your favourite at a price that won’t make your pockets whimper.

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Go Vocal for Local

Choosing an artist that’s local to your venue will help to minimise travel costs. You will also get to meet the artist before your wedding and request a few things that you would want them to do.

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Book everything through one agency

If you are planning to have an anchor, a DJ and a singer at the function, then make sure to book all these artists through one agency. It will give them an option to provide you with a packaged deal that will cost you a little less than booking each artist individually. 

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