8 Wedding Photographers Share BTS Secrets Behind Filming Your Big Day

Published by - Yogita Chainani | 12 minute read

While a picture speaks a thousand words (and gathers a thousand likes too in today’s world), it also requires a plethora of ideas, efforts and flair to make it to your wedding albums and Instagram feeds! Although weddings are no more than a week-long affair, new-age technology has enabled us to preserve our big moments forever, just the way they happen. However, while we usually spend innumerable hours gazing at our dreamy wedding photographs, what usually goes unnoticed is the passionate effort of the photographer who puts his/her heart and soul into perfecting each frame and subsequently each memory for you. 

From clicking to picking pictures and editing them while keeping the authenticity of the moment alive, the entire process of curating a dreamy set of wedding photographs is quite a process. And to get you more familiar with it along with some fun that goes behind each click, we spoke to a few of our favourite wedding photographers and filmmakers who took us behind-the-scenes, while sharing their experiences that they've had shooting some wonderful weddings!

Pre-planning And Getting The Shots Right

Sumanth Shetty, Co-Founder - Lightbucket Productions

Pre-planning is a process that allows photographers to understand couples as individuals and know more about their story so they can create a visual representation of who they truly are with their wedding pictures and film. It not only allows them to know the little quirks of the bride and groom as a couple but also gives them a fair idea of what the couple expects from them. Elaborating more on this, here's what Sumanth Shetty, Co-founder of Lighbucket Productions said, "The first thing we do is understand the couples requirements. We further arrange multiple calls before the wedding, to understand all the details - big and small, and plan our approach to the shoot accordingly. We have a specialised team for every event - someone exclusively for pre-wedding shoots and then someone who focuses only on making beautiful bridal portraits. We give everything to the weddings we capture and focus on various areas to make sure nothing is missed during the process of shooting it."

Noopur Mishra and Anish Bhatia, Founders - Happy Flashbacks posing with a happy bride

Capturing the emotions in frames is a process, and for that, the photographers need to bond with the couple before the wedding. Talking more about this, Anish Bhatia & Noopur Mishra, the founder couple of Happy Flashbacks say, "Talking to the couple before the wedding not only helps us understand what they have in their mind for their big day but by the time the wedding day arrives, we are 'Filmmaker Friends' to the couple. It helps us get the most natural and raw emotions for both our films and pictures. Connecting with the pair, their family and knowing their tale helps us keep the emotions and drama alive in our pictures and wedding films.

Capturing The Right Emotions

Shashank Issar sharing a light moment with his clients while shooting their fun sangeet

We all know about the myriad emotions that a bride, groom and their family go through on the wedding day. However, all the sentiments that flow are not just limited to the people being filmed but also get passed on to the ones filming them! However, these emotions are often left behind-the-camera and never get highlighted on the screen. Shashank Issar has similar sentiments while covering weddings. He says, "Since I started working, all my clients have only treated me like family. I connect with them, and by the end of the functions, they invariably become friends. I think it’s extremely important for every photographer shooting occasions like weddings to make sure they connect with the couple."

Siddharth Sharma, Co-Founder - House On The Clouds

Not only Shashank, but Siddharth Sharma, Co-founder of House on the Clouds too shares the same thought, "We constantly observe the couples and their families while covering the event, and hence form a special bond with them. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming for us to see them cry or get emotional, and of course we end up shedding a tear or two along with them.” Jokingly, he adds,” Good thing is that we are always behind the cameras and this doesn’t get captured."

Venue Recces

Nandini Mishra, Founder - The Blemished Tales posing for the shutterbugs with her team and a happy couple

Not just behind the scenes, but photographers also put an equal amount of effort before the event begins. Sharing her experience, Nandini Mishra, founder of The Blemished Tales says, "Before the event begins, we make sure to go to the venue at least an hour before and do all the location scouting for the shots. We decide our positions for the ceremonies so that we get the best angle possible without being an obstruction to the guests and the family members. One person is usually on wide-angle, the other on a bit close up. There is a lot to it, and it depends on the moment that we are capturing. All this remains the same when we cover a destination wedding. The only difference is that for a destination wedding we do an online recce."

Post Production and Sharing The Dream Project

Sam & Ekta posing for the camera in their quaint Mumbai office

While picking a frame and clicking a picture seems to be all that photography is about, it is only step one of a very long process involving multiple layers of tasks. Throwing light on what follows after capturing the pictures, photographer duo Sam and Ekta says, "The act of shooting a wedding is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much time and effort that goes into preparations and then also post shoot, in editing and colour correction. We have to ensure that our photos and films reflect what the moments and the wedding truly ‘felt’ like.”

Ruben Thomas, Founder - Magic Motion Media

Sharing similar insights on post-production, Ruben Thomas, founder of Magic Motion Media says, "Once the event is over, we share the first set of pictures (15-30 pictures) as a sneak peek to our clients. Based on their feedback on everything right from the framing to editing, we share a few more photos after a few weeks. We have an online portal for sharing photos, and we keep updating photographs in the same album. Post that, we share the wedding teaser, and finally, after 2 months all the pictures and films are shared with the couple.”

All’s Well That Ends Well…

Harsheen Jammu, Founder - Ombré sharing a fun moment with her team

However, while the term ‘behind-the-scenes’ is always associated with fun, fooling around and lots of bloopers, there are also trying times. Reminiscing one such incident, Harsheen Jammu, founder of Ombré says, "We arrived at the location, and after a while, realised that our equipment bag was stolen at the event itself within a matter of just a few seconds. The only cameras we had were the ones in our hands. It was very stressful, but we had to stay cool. Although it was quite a daunting task since we had to make sure that we delivered the best with whatever resources were available - the biggest learning happens in challenging situations like this, and we managed to do everything we could while ensuring that the pictures turned out beautiful!”