Cruelty-Free Alternatives To A Ghodi Baraat

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As per long-standing Indian tradition, the groom makes his entry into the venue on a horse with his dancing baarat right behind him. Makes for a great picture, sure. But let’s think about this from the helpless horse’s point of view – the animal is surrounded by loud dhols and blasting music, and which animal won’t be scared of that? The horse is made to ‘dress up’ and it’s probably a very uncomfortable feeling. If the animal decides to react to any of these uncomfortable elements, it will probably be beaten up by its owner. PETA is totally going to be in favour of these cruelty-free alternatives for a ghodi baraat, what about you?

Your favourite car to the rescue

Cars are to men what diamonds are to women. Which man doesn’t love his car like his own baby? So, why not make your entry in your favourite car? This could be a swanky sports model or maybe an open-air jeep – the choice is yours. You can even pop your head out of the sunroof and dance with the baraat. If you make your entry in a convertible, it’ll definitely look cooler than an entry on a horse.

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Old is gold, Vintage cars are platinum

Visualise your baraat dancing alongside a vintage car, the hoods been popped open and you’re sitting on the top of the seat like a boss. Your wedding pictures will show you entering the venue in a classic vintage – a timeless picture indeed. A vintage car speaks class and style, and which groom won’t love that? You can always hire a vintage car, or if you’ve got one standing in your driveway, then nothing like it!

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Ain’t no party like a party bus

You know those party buses that you take in Vegas to make the most of your bachelor’s vacation? Why not enter your wedding in one of those? You and your friends can have all the fun in the bus without anyone really watching!Dance and frolic while making a unique entry.

Go the ancient way!

In the olden days, Mughal emperors used to be carried in palkis. Why not embrace that tradition? You can have your brothers and your groomsmen lift you up in the palki to enter the venue. No, it doesn’t look girly, in fact, it will look absolutely regal. This will also look really cool if you and your bride-to-be are planning on entering the venue together. The royals in their royal palkis.

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Show off your outdoorsy side

Why not make your entry on an ATV? You will look so cool riding into the venue on your ATV – a total baller indeed. If you can, make sure you get a really big ATV so that you definitely stand out and you can get slightly smaller ATV’s for your groomsmen who can ride alongside you. You and your boys will make the coolest entry ever, we promise!

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Fly into your wedding

Make your entry in a helicopter! Either you’re going to have to ask a favour from a friend of a friend, or you can just hire a chopper. Obviously, you need to make sure that the venue has a helipad for a safe landing. Also, you need to find out about the rules and regulations. But, once all the formalities are done, we can all agree that making your big entry on a helicopter is uber cool.

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Segway in style

How about making your entry on a segway? Most people don’t know how to ride a segway, so your entry is going to be cool by default. A word of advice, make sure you practice riding the segway till you’ve become a pro. Also, make sure the entry area is flat and even – we don’t want any embarrassing falls.

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The only two wheels you need

If you absolutely love bikes, then you deserve to make your entry on a bike. All you need is a pair of your favourite aviators, your amazing riding skills and that ‘I’m the groom’ confidence. You’ll look like an absolute rockstar when you enter.

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Why not just dance your way in?

If you ask us, the best entry is the one where the groom is having just as much fun as the baraat. On a horse, in a car, on the engine of the tractor, you’re not really around the hustle and bustle of the baraat. But when you’re walking along with the baraat, that’s when you’re truly going to enjoy it. So, get off your high horse, literally, and just dance your way into the venue and the hearts of all your guests. Simple and easy for the win.

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