How To Clean And Preserve Your Wedding Lehenga

Published by - The Wed Post | 4 minute read

You’ve spent so many hours choosing that perfect wedding lehenga, and your hard-earned money to buy it, spent so many hours smiling in it and making memories- ah, that beautiful lehenga! Now that the big day is over, you need to clean and preserve this lehenga so that it actually looks just as good 10 years or even 50 years down the line. Maybe your daughter decides to wear it at her wedding, so it has to be in pristine condition, right?

What’s the correct way to clean and preserve the wedding lehenga, you ask? We did some research! You can never ever handwash this lehenga. You need to take it to the dry cleaners. The thing is, you might think that your lehenga is absolutely spotless - but after a closer look, you’ll find a wine stain here and a food stain there. The longer you let the stains sit, the tougher it is to get rid of the stains. So it is best that you get your lehenga dry cleaned as soon as possible. Don’t forget to find out the proper wash care instructions from the boutique that you bought the lehenga.

Now that it’s dry-cleaned and almost as good as new, you need to store it somewhere. First and foremost, this wedding lehenga needs to be kept away from sunlight or even any direct light because that might cause the colour to fade. Secondly, it should be stored in a relatively empty space and not a place where things are kept one on top of the other! And most importantly, try to store it in a place that is as far away from dust and dirt as possible.

Before you start packing it up, just read a little about how to pack it properly! It is very important to pack up the lehenga and not let it hang, because the cloth might start to lose its strength (bridal lehengas tend to be very heavy) and the shapes might start to change. The best way to pack it is by placing sheets of butter paper in between the folds so that no embroidery gets stuck. Do not, we repeat, do not use newspaper in place of butter paper. We rather you use nothing at all, but don’t use newspaper because the ink from that tends to imprint on the outfit. Once you’re done folding, wrap in a nice and clean breathable cloth.

Now it’s cleaned, folded and nicely wrapped, you need to put it away into storage. It is highly recommended that you put it in a metal box or even a card box, but don’t just wrap it up in cloth and leave it. The best box to store it in is the box your bridal outfit came in. Make sure that the box is stored away from reach and don’t forget to place mothballs or even some potpourri in the same box so that the lehenga continues to stay fresh and smell good! Also, try to air it out at least once every two years - this is important for 2 reasons, so that the garment stays fresh and so that the crease lines don’t set.