Matching Outfit Ideas For You And Your Bridesmaids

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Is it even a picture-perfect wedding if your bridesmaids aren’t in matching outfits? If you want the happiest and prettiest wedding pictures, then you and your bridesmaids have to wear complementing outfits. First, everyone else at the wedding knows who your main girls are. Second, there is nothing better than those group pictures with your bridesmaids. Looking for inspiration? Look no further!

The crew that twins together wins together - Matching outfits from head to toe

Everyone dressed in the exact same outfit, literally, exactly the same. It goes without saying, your outfit won’t be the exact same as your bridesmaids – you’re the bride, duh! But try to fit in a little – maybe a similar coloured lehenga. This one is a little hard to pull off because each of your bridesmaids will have a different body types, their own sense of style and their own colour preferences. But, you’ll manage to convince them. Think matching lehenga cholis, thinking matching sarees, think a matching skirt and blouse.

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A hint here, a hint there – Matching outfits by just an aspect or two

We’re talking about subtle matching. Maybe all your bridesmaids can wear the same dupatta. They could all wear an outfit which is the same colour – all-gold, peach and pink, cream and ivory and so on. You could even gift them matching juttis or reflector shades which they could all wear! The great part about this is what all your bridesmaids will get the freedom to show off their own style while looking like a part of your crew. How do you fit into this? You could wear the same colour palette. Even one common colour among all of you will do that trick!

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Birds of a feather flock together – Matching outfits purely by design

Let’s say you and your girls love wearing sarees. Then, ask your bridesmaids to wear solid coloured sarees with net blouses. Maybe you want to see your bridesmaids wearing matching floral outfits. Ask them to wear matching printed lehengas cholis. So, by virtue of the same design, your bridesmaids will be matching without actually looking the same. To make your outfit match too, you can either get one in the same design or choose a similar print as your bridesmaids. For example, if you all decide on printed floral lehengas and cholis, include one printed floral aspect in your whole outfit!

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Peas of a pod – Matching outfits based on colour palettes

You know how two peas never look the same, yet they’re from the same pod. We’re taking inspiration from that. Think of a colour palette for your bridesmaids. It could either be a colour palette inspired by your wedding outfit, by your wedding theme or just by colours you love. Ask your bridesmaids to wear outfits which are in sync with that colour palette. You can choose anything – hues of pink, combinations like rose gold, white and cream, colours from your wedding lehenga. Just make sure these colours are in sync with each other!

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No matter how you and your girlfriends decide to match your outfits, we can guarantee one thing – the pictures will look phenomenal, and you girls will definitely get noticed!