COVID-19 - Things To Do While Your Celebrations Get Rescheduled

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

Image by Oaks Wedding

The current global situation is certainly sudden and unprecedented and we’ve all had to take a step back in the past few days. But now, more than ever is the time for us to stay brave and be responsible humans. As we go about postponing and rescheduling all our calendars and celebrations, here are a few things you can practise to make the most of this little break and ensure the well-being of yourself, your loved ones and your businesses.


Use this period of social distancing to talk to people. As a bride and groom, it’s only obvious for you to be heartbroken with the sudden pandemic. But trust us, your friends, family members and also your wedding vendors have been extremely excited about your big-day and can barely contain their sadness on seeing it all getting rescheduled. Make heartfelt conversations during this time and talk to everyone who matters to you about the necessity of having your celebrations rescheduled and how much their support means to you during this time of isolation.


Look at this little break as a bonus period to reflect upon all the wedding planning decisions you have made, the amount you’ve been investing in your wedding and how you can use your finances well while postponing your celebrations. Also use this time to learn yourself, your families and your professional teams better- to grow together as family. Now is a great time to step back, indulge in some rest, recharge and bounce back stronger!

Invest In Your Health And Beauty

All the couples who have been tired of all the running around preparing for the wedding, now is the perfect time to indulge in some ‘me’ time. Quarantine yourself from all the chaos and panic outside and use this opportunity to work-out at home, practise your beauty and diet regimes and get rid of the toxins and tans you’ve been worrying about.

Manage Your Finances

We understand that all the rescheduling and cancellations have taken your finances for a toss. There are additional costs involved in cancelling and postponing your celebrations and all the services you have been looking for. Use this time to manage your finances better, make some pragmatic financial decisions and decide if you want to opt for a smaller, intimate affair instead of a big, extravagant one.

Empathise and Co-operate

The current scenario is easy neither for couples getting married nor for vendors making these weddings happen. Listen, understand and empathise with your clients and vendors and try to make the entire rescheduling/cancellation process as easy and effortless for both the parties. Together, we have the power to get through this.

Let’s be grateful for all the things we do have, celebrate quality time with family and loved ones, and be responsible citizens and break the chain to save countless lives. As we recalibrate ourselves, let us remember that we are only stronger together. So let us be responsible, brave and overcome this together!