Decor ideas for the boho bride

Published by - Ananya | 5 minute read

Florals and flowers

The easiest way to decorate a venue for your boho-theme wedding is by using florals. You can do-up the entrance by making an arch out of flowers or you can convert the entrance into a hallway using pastel tenting and hang flowers overhead. Place floral centerpieces, place fresh flowers along the mandap, hang floral bouquets upside down from the trees, have floral arrangements hanging from on top of tables, and even fresh flowers in drinks! When you’re not sure about what to use, just remember that florals are always a good idea.

Whites and pastels

What is a boho-themed wedding? A wedding that gives off a relaxed, happy and easy vibe. And what colours give off this vibe better than pastels? When in doubt, always choose pastel colour palettes – baby pink and mint green, cream, ivory and gold, sky blue and teal green, burgundy, lilac and blush pink. And of course, white to add contrast! Can’t decide on the photobooth background? All white-net with pastel flowers. What should the tenting be like? Pastel base with intricate decorations. What colour should the tenting be? You can never go wrong with pastels and white! Mix and match pastels and whites for everything – the wedding mandap, the table cloths, centerpieces, the wedding invites, the entrance decor and even the wedding hashtag!

Jute and jars

If you’re going to a rustic boho look, then we think jute is a lifesaver. You can tie it around a vase for an added effect. Jute can also be used to decorate the furniture – you can use jute table covers, make huge jute bows and tie them on the side of every chair or right behind the chair. You can even hang jute balls from trees! For a better effect, place fairy lights inside the jute balls and hang them around the whole venue. Jars on the other than, are a rather modern take for the boho-chic theme. You can fill jars with candles, flowers, feathers, fairy lights or just leave them empty and use them anywhere. These can be hung around the venue as decor, used on tables as centerpieces or even used at the bar to serve drinks!

Brass and glass

You know those brass coloured lanterns and birdcages that we see often? Those can be used as wedding decor – all you have to do is add some flowers to turn these into beautiful floral hanging decorations! Even brass candle stands will look so chic yet elegant! If you are choosing a colour palette which has gold it in, then skip the gold and opt for brass. For a more boho-chic look, use glass decor. Put fairy lights in empty bottles and glasses and use it as decor for the bar. Put flowers in empty glass bottles or create a whole floral decoration in a big glass container and use these as centrepieces. You can even hang glass candle holders upside down and place fairy lights or diyas in them. If you manage to combine both glass and brass, nothing like it!

Take away tip

For a picture-perfect wedding, use a beautiful pastel palette. Choose open venues which allow the decorations to be spread out yet noticeable. Opt for lots of flowers and floral decorations, add some rustic elements by using jute and some modern elements by using fairy lights and glass. Don’t go overboard though; simplicity and ease is key to a perfect boho-chic wedding.