Unplugged Weddings 101

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A common wedding trend among celebrities, an Unplugged Wedding is all about having a celebration that requires guests to unplug from their phones and other gadgets.

The fad was introduced to Indians by celebrity couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas who had requested their guests to go offline for their wedding. The result? There was no media leakage of any of their wedding looks and ceremonies until the couple themselves decided to handover their professionally captured pictures to the press.

Why should you consider having an unplugged wedding?

You’ll have an interactive audience

Hosting an unplugged wedding will help you have an audience that’s less distracted and more interactive. With no phones around, your guests will be more glued to what’s happening on the stage, participating in the celebration around and talking to each other. This will help multiply the enthusiasm in the air and help the guests enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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You’ll have perfectly uncompromised pictures

Dread the thought of being clicked off-guard? Having a dozen of phone clicked pictures that have been captured from a wrong angle or those that do not make you look your best? An unplugged wedding would be a good choice for you in this case. With no phones and gadgets around to click uncompromised pictures of you, you can be assured that the only set of images you’ll receive will be [professionally captured clicks from your wedding photographers.

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Your privacy will be secure

While most people these days like Instagramming and Snapchatting everything they do, there’s also a considerably large lot of people who like to keep their lives private. These are the ones who wouldn’t want to be flashed on other people’s social media and are extremely choosy about what they themselves post online. If you and your partner fall into this category of those who believe living offline, an unplugged wedding would be a perfect pick for you, guaranteeing maximum privacy from the world online, until you decide to have the perfect announcement of your choice!

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Why should you not consider having an unplugged wedding?

No Online Hurly-Burly

Unplugged weddings call for no wedding hashtags, no WhatsApp groups for planning the ‘Joota Chhupai’ strategy and no ‘Look, my bestie just got married!’ Instagram stories. If you consider yourself to be a social (media) butterfly who likes to have everything on record, then an unplugged wedding is not a concept meant for you!

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Finding help in an SOS situation

With no phones around, it would be a daunting task to reach out to a relative or friendly you badly have to in case of an emergency! Indian weddings are a complicated mix of customs and rituals and are often attended by hundreds of guests which can lead to a lot of chaos and confusions. Phones help you connect with your people instantly who are otherwise very difficult to find amidst such a huge crowd.

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Guests wouldn’t be too keen to let go off their phones

Phones are not solely used for social media updates. Imagine the distant uncle who will be travelling for your wedding while having his business run through phone-calls and messages. It would be extremely unfair for those guests who are expecting important phone calls to unplug from their phones for your wedding. Even worse? The unplugged policy might discourage them to attend your wedding.

How to strike a balance

We recommend you to limit the ‘unplugged’ part of your wedding to a few select ceremonies or soirees. While your late evening sangeet and cocktail parties and an early morning Haldi that lasts for an hour or two can have a full-fledged ‘unplugged’ policy, you can limit it to only the pheras and Varmala ceremony of the day-wedding. The key here is to decide the functions and rituals for which you want the undivided attention of your guests and request them to part away from their cell-phones for the short while.

How would you communicate the ‘Unplugged Wedding’ policy?

Make it a part of all your wedding communications

Add an insert in your wedding invitation envelope that requests your guests to not carry their phones or switch them off during the ceremony. Ensure that you use no poetic or flowery language to convey the message and the idea is communicated as clearly as possible.

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Ask your friends to do some friendly policing

Your cousins and friends can play a ‘friendly police’ at your wedding ceremony, politely asking guests to do away with their phones and encourage them to participate actively in the ceremonies and parties.

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Cutesy Signboards

Add signboards that act as gentle reminders to your wedding decor which remind guests of the offline-policy.

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An official announcement

You can ask your wedding host, priest or a senior family member to make a stage announcement reminding the guests about not using their phones.

The key here is to make the communication as friendly and exciting to sound without having a hint of being forceful, which might end up annoying the guests.

Things to keep in mind while hosting an ‘Unplugged Wedding’

No instant pictures and videos

You’ll not be having any pictures and online memories of your big day until the professionally clicked set arrives from your photographers. Although this might take quite some time, you can always request the team to share about 5-10 pictures for the big announcement you plan to make!

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Keep your guests entertained

If you are asking your guests to part ways with their phones, you’ll have to ensure that all the ceremonies are super exciting and entertaining for the guests and there is absolutely nothing that might bore them! Have your close relatives, cousins and friends to encourage conversations, engage guests into fun games and activities and make sure that there is something to look forward to at all times!

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Give away some memories

Everybody likes to head home after weddings with a lot of memories and pictures. While an unplugged wedding leaves guests with no chance to do the latter, you can always have an instant camera at the exit where guests can click a quick selfie to capture the moment and take some memories home.

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