Factors That Impact A Wedding Vendor's Quote

Published by - The Wed Post | 8 minute read

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Looking for vendor quotes, negotiating and re-assessing your wedding budget is an inevitable and the most dreadful part of wedding planning. You either won't find the guesstimate pricing online or are unable to understand the pricing that the vendors quote. For that, you need to comprehend how pricing in the wedding industry works. There are a plethora of things that a vendor takes into regard before giving an estimate since they don't have a one-price-fits-all approach to weddings. Here are some factors they consider while fixing a customized quote.


The number of guests you invite impacts most of the vendors. For example, the caterer has to plan the courses, manage his team, arrange suitable supplies and plenty of other things depending on the number of inmates you invite. With the photographer, they need to decide if they need an assistant or a second shooter to cover the visitors. Likewise, the number of guests, impact other vendors too, it will help them give you an estimate. 


 If you are planning a destination wedding or the venue is on the outskirts of the city, then the vendors will raise their pricing accordingly. It is so because, depending on location, they will create a team and if their team has to travel for the wedding- they won't be able to take any other events that weekend. Additionally, they'll also have to cover travel, stay and food costs of their staff accordingly.

Market Demand

This happens when you decide to get married in a peak season. It also means that you are competing with others to get one particular vendor. And if the vendor chooses you, they'll make sure that they are making enough from your event to make it worth turning down the rest.

Venue Regulations

Venue has rules that the wedding party has to follow. Some venues have strict restricts for the vendors. Some venues require extra insurance from vendors, ask them to pay for parking and amenities, or have additional hidden costs that get carried from vendors to their clients.

Number Of Functions

If you plan to have multiple functions, the vendor may give you a discount. But if you have limited events, then the pricing will differ accordingly. In short, bulk pricing is always different from single event pricing.

Special Requests

Every wedding is distinctive, and everyone has their tastes. You may want a particular type of lighting, decor, food or flowers, and the quote for that will differ. The prices might go up or down depending on the demand, but most vendors give line-by-line pricing so you know where you can quickly cut costs if any of these requests put you over the budget line.

Additional Resources

Apart from special requests, couples might also need a few extra resources like an additional photographer, cinematographer or performer for their wedding. This might lead to the actual cost doubling up. Although the addition only seems like a small request considering the the entire package that you have booked your vendors for, it leads to a considerable hike in the invoice as your vendor might have to deploy an entirely new team or an individual technician for the same.