Wedding Trends 2020 - Fashion Trends For The Modern Bride

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

Year 2020 is here bringing along a myriad of new trends and styles to the wedding industry. While the yesteryear was all about trying fresh takes on traditional big fat weddings, the new year promises a whimsical amalgam of wedding trends - with a few borrowed from the last year and a few completely new! So without wasting much time, here are the top bridal fashion trends to up your style game this year!

Saree, Not Sorry

Image by Lightbucket Productions

With millennial brides being all about embracing ethnic fashion with a contemporary touch, it's the royal saree that we are eagerly awaiting to make a classic comeback to the bridal fashion world. Although dear to our hearts, lehengas have been a little done to death now and we really can't wait to be smitten by brides rocking the ever regal 5 yards as they walk down the aisle.

Bridesmaid Brigade

Image by Amarante Lifestyle Studio

Whatever happened to those classic bridal portraits wherein the bride poses regally with her band of bridesmaids, all dressed alike. With the year 2020 being a perfect stage for all fashionistas out there, we are really rooting to see some alluring bridesmaids dressed in complementing palettes and styles, for old times sake!

Balancing Your Bridal Trousseau

Image by Papa Don't Preach By Shubhika

To all the 2020 brides out there, now is your time to shine! There is no better opportunity than your wedding ceremonies to show off your ever-popular styling sense and you shouldn't shy away from the chance! From lehengas to sarees to palazzos to suits and ghararas, opt for varying styles for your bridal trousseau. After all when, if not now?

OTT Cholis

Image by Gaurav Gupta

Of course, you know how much we love minimalism but not when it comes to your cholis! Be it sarees or lehengas, it's the choli that has the power to make or break an outfit. From plunging necklines to dramatic ruffled sleeves, go OTT. The key is to identify the feature of your torso that you want to highlight and get the choli crafted accordingly.

Contemporary Reds

Image by Mili Ghosh

We are all for brides who take the risk to style the colour red differently for their wedding. From carmine to crimson, there are a hundred pretty shades you can rock on your wedding day. Just choose what matches your personality the best!

Statement jewellery on point

Image by Colorblind Production

Either a studded nath or a diamond passa, it's always that one statement piece of jewellery that distinguishes each bride's style and makes her stand apart from the rest. The upcoming season is all about such stunning statement jewellery pieces that highlight the bride's best features. The key is to keep the rest of the jewellery subtle and let your favourite ornament play its magic.

Veiled Beauties

Image by Harleen Deol

We are really rooting for veils to make a comeback this year. Nothing can match the elegance of an Indian bride walking down the aisle holding a sheer veil that covers her face without hiding it entirely. Having been a part of Indian fashion since ancient times, veils surely add volumes to a bride's beauty and we simply cannot wait to see more of them!

Florals For A Toss

Image by Shades Photography

Floral jewellery for mehndi and haldi is passé. Contemporary brides are all for fashion jewellery like dainty haathphools and vibrant earrings. And if you want to go the DIY way, gota jewellery too adds elegance to a bride's look on her mehndi and haldi.

Boho, Effortless Bridal Couture

Image by Studio A

We are all set to witness brides embracing effortless ensembles as part of their bridal trousseau. Contemporary cuts, styles and designs have already penetrated into the world of Indian bridal fashion and we are only excited to see more and more brides flaunt them nonchalantly.

Quirk It Up

Image by House On The Clouds

Quirky prints and designs are a favourite of all! Perfect for a vibrant pool-party or mehndi function, vivid, quirky outfits add a feminine grace to the bride’s demeanour and help strike the perfect balance with the traditional pieces in your trousseau.

Sparkle All The Way!

Image by Sabyasachi

2020 is the year to sparkle and shine! Go all out with sequins, glitter and all that brings out the diva in you because your wedding simply wouldn’t sparkle unless you do!

Summarising all the trends mentioned above, 2020 is going to be the year to experiment! Try out new fashion, strike a balance between minimalism and extravagance, and style every garment and accessory you wear with your own personal touch. It’s the year to go all out or go home, indeed!