Fun, unique ways to announce your engagement on social media

Published by - Ananya | 6 minute read

You’re engaged! Congratulations!! Well, it’s never official till it’s on social media. If you want to show off your ring on Instagram, or just let people know that you’re taken, then you should be a little creative about it. The days of calling people and telling them about your engagement are over – nowadays, all you need to do is find a perfect caption to announce it on social media. And as your wedding advisors, we’re here to help! We let our creative juices flow and came up with quite a few ways to announce your engagement.

Let your ring do the talking

All you need to do is show off your ring. Let’s not make it an ‘in your face post’, so maybe something cute and subtle with both of you in the picture but where the focus is on the ring. You can even do one of those typical Instagram influencers ‘follow me’ poses where you’re walking in front and he’s holding your hand from the back and taking a picture – make sure the ring is the highlight!

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Let’s get candid

Put the picture of the actual proposal. You know, those candid shots where he went down on his knee and asked you to marry him. If you’ve got teary-eyed in some pictures, don’t scrap those – they’re perfect! The best way to showcase your emotions is by being candid, and we’re all suckers for cute candid proposals.

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Make your pets tell the world

Just hang a little placard around your pet’s neck that says something like ‘mom said yes!’ or maybe you and your fiancé could be holding up your pet together and you could put a caption that says ‘mom just said yes to dad’. No matter what you do, this picture is going to look absolutely adorable!

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How obvious is too obvious?

If you really want to put it out there, let’s get a little obvious. Buy a mug that says ‘does this ring make me look engaged’ and wear your engagement ring – picture perfect! You could also use scrabble letters and make an ‘I said yes’ and take a picture with your ring. These ideas might be a little too out there, but they’re going to look super cute on social media! Let’s try to get your fiancé in at least one picture so it doesn’t look like it’s all about the ring #justsaying.

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Funny, punny, and hella cute

Hey, you’re engaged. You’ve got a right to be sassy! Maybe you could take a simple picture with your arms around your fiancé with a caption saying he’s taken or even a caption like ‘I’m so ready to be his wifey’ or ‘my human for life’ can be cute and funny. If he proposed with the ring on a cupcake or maybe with the ring in a champagne glass, you can put a caption that says ‘yes cupcake/champagne, I will marry you’ – of course, this should be followed by a picture of you and your fiancé … just in case people aren’t too sure who you said yes to.

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Tell people your love story

Whether this was an arranged marriage or you’ve been dating for a while, every marriage has a love story. You can actually showcase your love story on social media in the form of pictures; picture one – our first meeting, picture two – celebrating our first anniversary, picture three – our first holiday together, picture four – I SAID YES (with a picture of the proposal or your ring). Something like this will take people through an emotional journey while breaking the news – a super adorable way to do it. Even a few dates marking your love story followed by a proposal picture can do the trick.

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