Gorgeous Cake Ideas For Your Wedding

Published by - Anaanya | 5 minute read

What’s a party without dessert; what’s a wedding without cake? Most wedding functions involve one cake cutting ceremony, and rightfully so. Nowadays, baking has moved up to a whole new level. With metallic cakes, layer cakes, beautiful artisan cakes and so much more, we thought we’ll help you find some inspiration with this carefully curated list of gorgeous cake ideas for your wedding..

Rustic cakes

These cakes have a very raw, rustic and natural look. And sometimes, imperfect is just perfect! If your wedding decor follows a modern rustic theme, then this is the perfect kind of cake for you. We believe in the power of minimalism and simplicity, which this cake exudes.

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All-white cakes with a dash of colour

There is something really elegant about all-white cakes. If you want to add a dash of colour, may we suggest doing so by using ribbons, flowers, berries or just simple icing. An all-white base is something that you just cannot go wrong with and they photograph so beautifully too!

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Glitter cakes

If your wedding theme is all about glitter and shine, then your cake should be the same! Opt for a layered wedding cake which has at least one layer of glitter. We’re pretty sure your guests will be amazed by your cake, and that should count for something!

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Personalised cakes

No, we don’t mean those cakes which have a photograph of the couple – that’s so 2012! We mean cakes which actually mean something to you. It could be multiple books piled on on top of the other because you both love reading. Maybe a cake which represents a certain movie, a city or even a place that you both love. Let your imagination run wild!

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Artisan cakes

These are basically cakes which look like a work of art. They could be really simple or super lavish – it all depends on your preferences. If you want your cake to be out of the box, choose a handpainted cake. Even a solid coloured cake with huge flowers and loud decorations will really stand out.

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Drip cakes

Drip cakes are the most trending cakes in 2019, so why not follow this trend for your wedding cake? These cakes can be decorated with flowers, macaroons, cake toppings and what not. Or, you can even choose a pastel ombre base and have a simple drip along the edges. Regardless, a drip cake always looks classy.

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Marbled-finish cake

You know a good marble finish when you see one. And marble finish cakes are the cakes of the future! It takes technique and artistic skills to really create beautiful marble finish cakes, and we absolutely love them! What about you?

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Airbrushed cakes

The advantage of an airbrushed cake is that you can get some really pretty textures and patterns. If you want something like a galaxy theme cake or an ombre finish, then an airbrushed cake is the way to go. We recommend no cake decorations so those airbrushing skills really show.

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Floral cakes

If your wedding theme is based on florals, then floral cakes are definitely the way to go. We totally love floral cakes because they just look so pretty! You can choose the number of layers, the kind of flowers, the number of flowers and the overall colour theme to make sure your cake is picture perfect.

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Half and half cakes

These ones are perfect for those couples who are just poles apart. If you have that opposites attract kind of love story and you just cannot settle on the kind of cake you want, then opt for these half and half cakes. The groom’s happy, the bride’s happy, everyone’s happy!

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