How to choose the right wedding flowers?

Published by - Anaanya | 4 minute read

Florals can make or break your wedding decor, so here's a lowdown on how you can pick the right flowers for your wedding...

What’s your budget?

Flowers can be expensive, really expensive. Especially if you’re considering exotic flowers. First and foremost, figure out the budget for flowers. It can be anything between Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000 – and that is why budgeting matters! Once you have finalized a budget, make sure you stick to it; we all know how easy it is to overspend without even realizing.

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Where are you buying the flowers from?

Are you buying the flowers from a florist? The rates are going to be exorbitant! Are your wedding planners going to buy the flowers? They might get a better rate since they already have tie-ups and connections. Are you going to buy them from the flower market? That, according to us is the best bet. Usually, every city has a flower market where the wholesalers sell flowers for nominal rates. You’ll find a million options for the best prices. All that’s left is for you to make some quick decisions and pick your favorite.

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Is this the main wedding season?

Think of the basic economic concept of supply and demand. As the demand for the flowers increases during peak wedding season, so will the price of the flowers – the buyers will buy! If your wedding is during the non-peak season, then you have a higher chance of getting flowers at a better rate. Also, keep in mind, if you decide on flowers that are not in season then you’re going to have to pay much higher prices for it.

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Where all do you want to put flowers?

Are you using flowers as decor throughout the venue or just at certain places? For example, decorating the mandap with flowers can cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 depending on the number of flowers and kind of mandap. If you just decide to go with floral arrangements as a part of the decor around the venue, this can cost anywhere between Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 – again, depending on the kind of flowers, number of flowers and type of arrangement.

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What’s the wedding theme?

Are you having a colour-theme wedding? That means you need to buy flowers of a certain colour only. If your theme is lavender then you’re going to need to buy lilacs and tulips which can be expensive. If you settle on a cream, gold and baby pink colour theme, then you can buy flowers like carnations and roses which are relatively inexpensive. Are you have a boho-chic wedding? This allows for minimal use of flowers as the boho-chic decor is usually simple and minimalistic. Is this a regal big-fat-Indian-wedding? Then you’re going to need hundreds and hundreds of flowers everywhere – from the entrance to the stage to the mandap and even the centrepieces.

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