How To Eat Healthy While Planning Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding is a round the clock job! You have no time to yourself because you’re either running for an outfit fitting or going to meet the wedding planners. Let’s not forget about going from one wedding venue to another to find your favourite one. And all those makeup trials and hairstylist meetings to choose the team that’s going to do your wedding look. It’s a lot of work! That means you have no time to work out, you’ll probably never eat a meal on time and you’ll end up eating out quite a bit. We’re here to prevent that - you want to fit into your wedding lehenga after all! Just follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be able to eat a healthy meal despite the rush and chaos of wedding planning.

Meal Timing Is The Key

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The best way to eat healthy is to eat your meal at a proper time. Try to avoid making any appointments at mealtime, especially breakfast and lunchtime. If that’s almost impossible for you, make sure you eat a good, healthy and filling breakfast before you leave the house. Then, pack a sandwich or a healthy salad for you to eat at lunchtime. Try your best to stick to your regular meal timings as much as possible.

Home Food Is The Best Kind Of Food

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It is pretty easy to head to the cafe next door to grab a bite. But if you’re going to be out every single day for at least two to three months before your big day, that means you’ll be eating one meal out every day. That’s not healthy! If you’re starving and you have no choice but to eat, try to order something healthy from the menu. That means butter chicken is a big no-no while a grilled chicken sandwich is a great idea!

Liquids, Liquids, Liquids

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Sometimes, you're just thirsty and not hungry but your body doesn’t know the difference. So drink lots of liquids - water, black coffee, green tea, fresh juice, whatever works for you. Keep a bottle of refreshments in your car so you can keep hydrating yourself between all your bridal appointments. How about a cute bridal theme sipper to take cute selfies while you stay hydrated? With that being said, try to avoid alcohol as much as possible. Alcohol will just make you bloated and you’ll probably get a little too hungry after a few drinks - not the best idea when you’re trying to eat healthy.

Snacks to the rescue

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Healthy snacks, please! No cheese fries, no thin-crust pizzas and no takeaway burgers. We’re talking about nuts, granola bars and trail mix packets, oatmeal cookies, kale chips - those are the healthy snacks you need to eat. These will keep you full till you get home so that you can come back and eat a healthy homemade meal. We’re not trying to put you on a diet, we’re just trying to make sure you don’t waste your calories on unhealthy food! Plus, these healthy snacks will give you the energy to roam around all day without getting tired - and we know how important that is for the bride to be!

Know Your Metabolism

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Eat breakfast like a king and have dinner like a pauper - if you follow this one simple rule, and nothing else, you’ll be able to maintain your healthy eating habits before the big day. Your metabolism is the fastest in the morning and slows down by the night, so listen to your body and try to eat in sync. For breakfast, have carbohydrates, protein and fat - an English breakfast is a great exemplar of a healthy and balanced breakfast. For dinner, try to limit your carb intake (as those take the longest to digest) and fill up on veggies and protein. By following this rule to the tee, not only will you eat healthy but you also might lose some weight.