How To Plan A Holi Themed Pre-Wedding Party

Published by - The Wed Post | 7 minute read

Are you getting married a few days before Holi or just love the festival and want to make it a part of your wedding? Then you have to go for it and host one! If you ask us, a Holi party should be a mandatory function for all weddings, but unfortunately, we don’t make the rules. Are you on the same page as us? Can you too not wait to have a Holi party before your wedding functions? Well, read on!

Image via Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

First, you need to set some rules. The first rule being no hard or long-lasting colour. Neither you, nor your guests can afford to look multi-coloured during one of the biggest events of your life! Let’s stick to herbal and organic colours only! Secondly, ask everyone to wear white. The best Holi pictures are the ones where the colours shine vibrantly, and that’s only possible on white clothes. If you want, you could have a theme - western or ethnic to really set the mood.

Image by The Wedding Salad

Now that you’ve got the rules down, it’s time to start preparing. First, you need a huge garden preferably with a pool so that people can run around and have fun without you stressing about them ruining anything. Maybe a local park in your area? Or a family friend’s farm. You obviously need to buy supplies like herbal colour, pichkaris, water balloons, the works. Then, you need to find caterers. If it’s too last minute, just pick up snacks like samosas, pakodas, tikkis and all the other yummy stuff that you love eating on Holi. If you manage to get bhaang pakodas, then your party is going to be a sure hit!! Lastly, you need to get a liquor serving license and some alcohol and just have an easily help-yourself open-bar. Do make sure the bar is away from the playing area cause the last thing you want is a colourful drink!

Image by House On The Clouds

Let’s talk decor. If you’re planning this party in advance, then think vibrant colourful flowers all around the venue or maybe traditional Rajasthani umbrellas or even funky helium balloons are a great idea. We don’t think you need tenting, because the more the open-space, the better. But if you do want tenting, opt for bright vibrant colours. And of course, heaps of colour all around the venue!

Image by WeddingNama

If you don't have too much time in hand to manage fancy decor, you can always buy colourful streamers, vibrant kites, multi-coloured balloons, dream catchers and tassels which can be hung around the venue. If nothing else, you can hang strands of marigold garlands and ribbons with roses tied to the bottom – chic, minimal and simple decor. Don’t forget the smoke bombs!

Next, you’re going to need music to liven up the party. If you’ve hired a DJ, that's perfect. Just make sure he or she has all the latest Bollywood songs for a kickass Holi party. Otherwise, all you need is a loudspeaker and a good playlist on your phone.

Image via WeddingNama

To make this event extra special and memorable, we recommend giving Holi-themed favours for your guests. There could be a box of vibrant cupcakes, maybe a cute little potli with a miniature bottle or even a scarf. Maybe even a little post-Holi kit with moisturizers, facemasks and conditioners – a thoughtful gift is always appreciated. Otherwise, even a small box of mithai with a packet of colours is a sweet gift.

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Okay, you’re all set! Now it’s time to send out the invites. Please specify that it is a Holi party - you really don’t want to take any guests by surprise. Reiterate the fact that it is a herbal colour party and no hard colours will be allowed.

For yourself, get dressed in a gorgeous all-white anarkali or a set of crop top and maxi skirt- you are the bride, and you need to look the part! You can accessorise the dress with some floral jewellery. Just don’t forget to moisturize your face and oil your roots before heading to your Holi party! You simply cannot afford to lose hair or have a breakout on your face just before your wedding. Other than that, you’re ready to party. Go out there, spread the colour and happiness and get some beautiful candid photographs.

Image via Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Have fun, cherish the moment and don’t forget to make lots of colourful memories.