Insta Worthy Themes For Your Wedding Functions

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

If you’re looking for some wedding inspiration, you have come to the right place. Every wedding is grand in its own way, but a wedding with a distinct theme does tend to stand out! When you choose a theme, your function needs to reflect that theme – from the floral decorations to the decor, from the tenting to the entry; everything has to be consistent with the theme you choose! A little low on ideas? These 5 unique wedding themes might just inspire you too!

A Royal Affair

Which bride doesn't want to look like a princess about to marry her prince charming? You can be that bride! For starters, a wedding in Jaipur or Udaipur or maybe even a palace at an international destination is a great idea. Make sure the decor, tenting, interiors and floral designs look grand and lavish – velvet should do the trick. To take it up a notch, enter the wedding venue in a palanquin! Think elegant, think bold, think royal.

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A Floral Fiesta

Think floral invites, floral decor, floral centrepieces on every table, floral photo booths, flowers hanging from the entry, a mandap made out of flowers... you get the drift? You can even wear a floral embroidered lehenga to really set the tone! A phoolon ki chaadar for your bridal entry. Make the venue look so beautiful, it becomes your happy place!

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A Colourful Carnival

This is probably the easiest theme to plan. Pick a colour palette – shades of pink, a combination of pink and grey, pastel colours, shades of blue and green, hot pink and mint green, the options are endless. Then plan your invites, the tenting, the decorations, the flowers and everything else around this colour palette. You can even ask your bridesmaids to stick to the colour theme to really make an impact.

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Nonchalant Neons

This one is a great idea for a youngsters party or even a mehendi. You have two options here; you can ask your guests to dress in neon colours because the photographs will be phenomenal, or you can ask your guests to dress in white and you could have neon lighting in a closed venue, so when the light shines on them it’s like a glow in the dark party! If you decide to go with the neon lighting option, make sure that the bar glasses, the decorations and maybe even some centrepiece arrangements glow in the dark!

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A Rustic Modern Revelry

Finding that perfect balance between modern and rustic is essential here. Opt for wooden tables with fresh and unique centrepieces, a bar with the bartenders dressed in bow ties and classic vintage drinks, a photo booth made using a wooden frame with delicate flowers which give off an organic vibe. Make sure you and your groom dress the part too!

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