Here’s how you can plan your wedding in 2 months!

Published by - Anaanya | 7 minute read

Planning a big fat Indian wedding in 2 months seems impossible, right? Well, it actually isn’t that tough – it just requires good planning, a great team who will help you out and a clear vision of what you want. And, look at the bright side – at least you know who the groom is. The best way to plan a wedding in 2 months is to sit down with your husband-to-be, ask him what he has in mind, share your ideas, finalize a few important things like budget, location (destination or hometown), possible venues, how many functions you want to have and finally how many people you want to call. Easier said than done, but this breakdown of how to plan your wedding in 2 months might just help!

1. Finalize the date

If you and your better half suddenly decide you can’t wait to get married, just go for it. Why wait a year when you can get married in a month? But as soon as you’ve decided you’re ready to take the next step, decide a date ASAP. While you’re at it, decide how many functions you want to have also. And the guest list. Once that’s decided, send out E-invites instead of printing wedding invites and then mailing those.

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2. Finalize a budget

You need to know exactly how much you want to spend. This has to include venue costs, the cost of catering, tenting, mehendi artists, alcohol, entertainment… you get the idea. Once you have a budget, you can easily go online and find vendors who fit within that budget. The key to a successful wedding is making sure that you don’t go over your budget!

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3. Finalize a location

Is it a destination wedding? That means a smaller guest list, which makes the planning process easier. Is it a wedding in your hometown? Go see different marriage grounds and event halls every day! Once you finalize on a place, you need to decide who is going to officiate the wedding and book that person accordingly.

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4. Finalize the vendors

Try to finalize vendors in no less than 2 weeks. Call up caterers, bartenders, mehendi artists, tenting, decorators, DJ’s, live singers, photographers – basically every possible vendor that needs to be part of your function, ask them for their best prices and take a call. The longer you wait to make these decisions, the more stressed out you’re going to be. Don’t forget to order a cake from a local bakery too!

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5. Finalize your outfits

The best way to not waste time looking for the perfect outfit is by looking at various designers on Instagram. You’ll get a fair idea of the designers aesthetic and if their style matches your style or not. And if you find that perfect wedding outfit while you’re searching online, there’s nothing better than that! Go to the showroom, try it on – if you fall in love with it all over again, just buy it!

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6. Finalize your jewellery

Unless you have enough family jewellery lying already, you just need to buy one main set for your wedding. If you already have a set in mind, you should give that to get made the day you decide your wedding date. Otherwise, it is best to buy something off the shelf because you’ve probably got a few weeks in hand and no jeweller works that fast.

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7. Finalize your makeup artist

Again, the best way to choose a makeup artist is by going through their pages on Instagram. If you like their makeup skills, just give them a call and inquire about booking. Depending on what price they quote and whether it fits your budget or not, you can always go for a half-face trial.

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8. Finalize your list

I’m sure you’ve made a checklist. Now all you have to do is make sure that everything on that list is checked off! To double check, call up your vendors, your outfit designer, your jewellery store, the local bakery, your makeup artist… basically everyone on your list, to confirm that everything is as per plan.

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If you notice, every step starts with the word finalize. That isn’t a coincidence. The ONLY thing you need to do to plan a wedding in 2 months is to finalize! You need to make decisions. You need to say YES or you need to say NO, there is no maybe. With that attitude, you can get everything done in no time!