Nude vs Dark? 10 Makeup Looks To Inspire You

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

Are you a sucker for the nude makeup look? Or do you think the only way to really bring out your features is a dark smokey eye? Yes, we’ve been there! Choosing a makeup look for your big day isn’t easy, after all this is one of the most important days of your life! Your makeup has to look impeccable, it has to make your features stand out and it needs to amplify your natural beauty. Nude looks seem to be trending in 2020, so shouldn’t you stand out with a darker look? But then again, nude makeup is the new trend that seems like it’s here to stay! So, what look should you choose? Should you go all out with a gorgeous darker look or should you look simple and elegant with a subtle nude look? We couldn’t pick our favourite; so instead, we chose 10 looks that we think might inspire you and help you make the big decision!

Image via Amritkaur Artistry

We absolutely and totally love how that pinkish eyeshadow brings out her eyes. And that hint of dark smudged eye-liner matching her emerald set is pure genius. What a way to add a little something to a monotonous outfit. 

Image via Pooja Khurana Beauty

This subtle and light no makeup look makes the bride look effortlessly beautiful. And isn’t that the best kind of beautiful? In our opinion, an all-red bridal lehenga deserves this classy nude makeup!

Image via Pooja Khurana Beauty

A beautiful glittery smokey eye? Yes, please! The way her makeup compliments her outfit, the way that bronze highlighters accentuate her cheekbones and that rusty lipstick; we can’t be more in love with this look!

Image via Manjari Singh Beauty

With that bold and beautiful yellow outfit, we’d be shocked if this bride would have chosen a look that was any different. The way this nude makeup brings out her features and adds to her grace and beauty, it’s nothing short of perfection!

Image via Kajol R Paswwan

Makeup that looks this perfect? Where do we sign up? We love that the makeup artist chose that dark hued eye shadow and balanced it out with a softer nude look. The perfect combination of nude and dark! If this look won’t make heads turn, then nothing will!

Image via Namrata Soni

We cannot get over how natural Sonam looks here! She actually looks like she woke up like this. This nude look is giving us a no-makeup feel. And if you ask us, the best kind of no-makeup look is when we have to squint to see the makeup!

Image via Kajol R Paswwan

Wow. We’re blown away. We never thought eyes could look this beautiful, and we still can’t get over it. The simplicity of the overall look combined with that pop of colour is so bold, so different and so beautiful.

Image via Manjari Singh Makeup

If looks could kill, this is the winning look. She looks so elegant and just totally graceful. The way that lipstick shade matches her choker, the light pretty colours on her eyes and just that hint of bronzer on her face, it is just beautiful. Kudos to the blending skills!

Image via Pooja Khurana Beauty

This is what we like to call a subtle darker look. Notice how her face looks nude, almost like there is no makeup. And then your eyes move up to her eyes, and pow, there’s this beautiful shimmery eye shadow that just brings this whole look together. Absolutely gorgeous!

Image via Natasha Moor

Can we just say that this bride looks like she actually has no makeup on. Yet, each and every feature of hers is so noticeable. Those gorgeous eyes that draw your attention, those subtle lips with just a hint of colour and those beautiful rosy cheeks. We love this look, just love it!