Our Favourite Potli Brands To Up Your Bridal Dress-up Game!

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

Potlis have been an indispensable part of our closets right since we started playing dress-up as little girls. A fun and quirky accessory that daintily rests upon our wrists, potlis are an ideal pick for brides, letting them have all their necessities handy without having a hand occupied! So if you are looking for whimsical potlis to up your bridal dress-up game, here are our favourite 15 potli brands that you'll surely love as much as we do!


House Of Vian

5 Elements By Radhika Gupta

Ara Studio

Atiya Choudhury

The SG Collection

Leikol Creations

Rani Pink Gifts

Saanvi By Sambhy

The Amyra Store

Ana & Niv

Adora By Ankita

The Purple Sack

Mystery Trunk

The Pink Potli

Aloha by Pia & Sonal