Our Favourite Wedding Invite Illustrators And Lettering Artists In India

Published by - The Wed Post | 6 minute read

Right from decor to location to invites, planning a wedding needs extreme precision to ensure that the bride, the groom and everybody else have the best times of their lives. While everything else is manageable, wedding cards need a tad bit more effort. Modern brides and grooms want a personal touch to be added to their invites, which sets the tone of their wedding. However, a major problem couples face here is that they do not know how to personalise their wedding cards. If you too are facing similar issues with your wedding invites, then here are some of our favourite wedding illustrators and lettering artists in India, that'll surely help you make a dreamy wedding invite, albeit with your personal touch!

Here are some wedding illustrators and lettering artists in India that we love

Shraddha Dharankar

She is new on Instagram, but her work speaks volumes. Not just an element or two but the whole vibe of her designs makes the cards look appealing, clean and vibrant. Shraddha truly manages to portray the vision of the bride and groom. And if you are planning to put a small doodle of the couple on the card, then she should be your choice.

Dipti Patel Illustration

If you are looking for something traditional yet modern, then Dipti’s illustrations should be your pick. Right from human doodles, to floral artwork to traditional designs- she surely knows how to define your dreams on paper. The designs are quirky, elegant and classy at the same time.

Aditi Basant Illustrations

If you want to add a party vibe and mix it up with some cultural elements for your save the date cards, then this illustrator should be your pick. Right from highlighting the beautiful outfits of the bride and the groom on the card to using appealing colours- Aditi knows how to add glamour to every wedding invite.

The Effeminare

With their precision and keen attention to detail, The Efferminare will help you design your dream card perfectly. The best thing we love about them is that each illustration has a personal touch to it which makes it even more special. So if you want a drool-worthy card, then you know who to pick.

The Bombay Lettering Company

If you want something timeless, elegant and modern, then The Bombay Lettering Company should be your go-to choice. Their modern calligraphy and font style is enough to make your card stand out from the rest. They also are known to come up with some stunning wax seals- a perfect way to accentuate your invites!

Shubhlekh by Kriti

The design and theme of the invites matter a lot, but the font style and typography is very important too. The fonts used set a tone to the invite and if something vibrant, informal and whimsical is your choice, then this lettering artist should surely be your pick.

Boho Calligraphy by Monika

If you are looking for some floral and modern fonts, then this lettering artist should be your pick. Her fonts not only add a different vibe to the save to date cards, but they also set the tone of the event. We love how she plays with the fonts to make the cards look absolutely ethereal.

Keep Writing Design Studio

This lettering artist is a brand in herself. She has clients like Gucci, and her work again speaks volumes. If you are looking for a vibrant and artistic typography for your cards, then you must definitely consider this artist.

Vidhee Illustrates

Vidhi craftily knows how to make your wedding cards look trendy, quirky and colourful. She not only creates human doodles, but each of her cards has a beautifully illustrated story. Her designs will surely take you back in time and remind you of all the happy memories you have spent with your partner so far.

Paper Loves Pixel by Asha

If you are a connoisseur of all things fun and light-hearted, then it definitely needs to reflect through your wedding stationery too! Paper Loves Pixel helps you here by creating some lively bespoke art, customised in unique ways for each couple.

Sookham Singh

Magic is bound to happen when glamour combines with art. Canada based Sookham's caricatures are a dream come true for brides to like to have a little dash of glamour in their wedding stationery. Every stroke of her is absolutely spectacular, sure to cast a spell on your guests too!

VS Calligraphy and Designs by Shreya Kunjir

If you want to add some style, grace and intricacy to your invites, then Shreya Kunjir is perfect for you. We love how detailed and peculiar the calligraphy of every letter is. And it surely will blend well with the surreal art that she creates.