Our Guide To Planning A Backyard Wedding In India

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A backyard wedding is ideal for couples who want a quaint, intimate wedding ceremony either in their private backyards, farmhouses or rented spaces like AirBNBs. If it’s a day function, we’re thinking pastel tenting and fresh flowers surrounding the venue. For a night function, images of fairy lights and bulbs strung around trees and bright candles coupled with some relaxing live country-folk music are taking over our minds. It doesn’t matter if your backyard is slightly small or if you live on a farm with acres and acres as your backyard, it’s all about an outdoor wedding while you’re surrounded by nothing but nature and your loved ones. 

So now if we have been successful in making you fall in love with the idea of a warm, picturesque backyard wedding, here are a few tips and tricks to go about planning one!

Starting The Planning Process

Since backyards are generally smaller in size as compared to commercial wedding spaces, it is important to have a tentative blueprint in place before you start inviting people and booking vendors. Considering that backyard weddings are all about intimate celebrations, it’s best to determine the number of guests that your backyard or venue can comfortably accommodate. Once you have a clear idea of this, you can start by preparing your guestlist and having a rough plan of where you are going to have your stage, mandap, food stations, bar and seating arranged. Another important point to keep in mind is the weather and climate of the area where your house (and thus your backyard) is located. Since a backyard wedding is an open air function, the last thing you would want on your big day is trouble caused by unexpected rains, thunder or freezing weather. Hence, study the climate of the location and pick dates wisely. Figuring out all these basic fundamentals is the first step to starting with the planning process.

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Start Thinking About The Decor

Backyard weddings are synonymous with subdued, minimal yet picturesque decor. Think of fairy lights, zero watt bulb strings, candles, bonfires and more such stunning, ambient lighting. Your decor can also boast of delicate floral embellishments and minimal tenting like gazebos, canopies and pergolas. However, no matter how beautiful the designing of your decor is, it still wouldn’t look the best if your backyard isn’t cleaned and maintained frequently. Hence, start working with your gardener well in advance to clean, groom and landscape your backyard well, at least once every week. Get your plants watered, lawns and leaves trimmed and pots and planters coloured and relocated to create a spacious and pleasant area for the ceremony. 

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Caterers And Bartenders

Since your backyard wedding is sure to be an intimate affair with a guestlist of not more than 100-150, how about asking your favourite restaurant to cater the event? You can ask them to whip and serve your favourite delicacies to the guests and a limited guestlist also favours smooth functioning of live counters. You can also have fun, concept live bars and mixologists curating customised drinks for each guest. Or, if you can let go off the entire formal bartending concept, and have a self-serve bar where guests can help themselves. The ideas are endless.

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Weddings are basically larger family gatherings where people love mingling with each other. While we understand that no party is complete without a fun DJ and dance floor, we recommend you to limit the raging to a couple of hours and opt for more interactive entertainment activities like games or some soulful live music. We promise, once people are tired of partying and dancing, they would love to sit back and relax over a glass of wine with some romantic, live country music playing in the background against the romantic ambience of fairy lights and candles.

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Speak To Your Neighbours

If your home is in a neighbourhood where your neighbours or other houses in the vicinity might get disturbed due to the noise, it’s always better to have them informed well in advance to avoid last minute clashes and confusion. While you can only invite your immediate neighbours to your intimate wedding, we suggest sending over cutesy hampers of sweets or collectibles to other houses in the neighbourhood with a heartfelt note informing them about the ‘intimate’ nature of the wedding and thanking or apologising to them in advance for adjusting to the disturbance that might be caused due to the noise, guest parking or any other factor during the course of your wedding. 

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Restrooms And Valets

Two of the most important things you can never forget are enough restrooms for everyone to use and enough parking space. Let’s talk about restrooms first. Either you can leave your house open, which means people are welcome to use whichever bathroom they like. Or, you can rent portable ones which can be placed in the driveway. Secondly, you need to hire a valet service so that your guests don’t have to worry about parking. Unless you live right next to a parking lot or you have a lot of empty space around your house, valet service is a must.

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Be Prepared With A Plan B

Sometimes, life is unpredictable. Mother nature might decide to make it rain or the power supply might go off – as we said, life is unpredictable. So, you must have a backup option! Instead of panicking at the last minute, you might as well have a plan B in your back pocket! Either have your house well cleaned and a little decorated to move the entire celebration indoor, in case it rains or have a makeshift tent ready to be erected to protect everyone from the sudden showers. Also, do not forget to have a generator van ready for the power mishaps. After all, it’s your big day and you want to make sure that there is no room for anything going amiss.

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Hire A Cleanup Crew For The Post-Party Mess

Let’s face it, your backyard is going to be a mess after all the partying. After the wedding, you, your family and your in-house staff will be exhausted. So, you should hire a cleanup crew that will come early in the morning to start clearing the backyard – by the time you wake up, your house will be spic and span. You’ll thank yourself for doing this, trust us.

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