Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

The sudden pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus has given an unexpected dynamic angle to the wedding industry with updates flowing in on an hourly basis. Businesses have come to an absolute standstill and weddings are getting cancelled in overwhelming numbers.

While we realize the effect of it on brides, grooms and their families, we would also like you to take a minute to think about the vendors involved in a wedding. While a myriad of big and small vendors and their households have been depending upon our joyous celebrations, here’s a little something that we can do for those who ensure flawless perfection on our big day for us. We encourage you to, therefore, postpone and not cancel your wedding celebrations planned this year.

While cancelling your wedding will have a momentarily shattering effect on the entire industry, it is also going to have a long-term, severe impact on the small-time vendors and staff of bigger companies. While the particular service chosen by us for our wedding might appear nonchalant and a single person’s to us, we cannot simply disregard the struggle faced by these vendors and their staff with their mortgages, education and health fees and even putting food on the table due to this sudden loss of work.

But then what should brides, grooms and families do?

Postpone your events, don’t cancel them!

While cancellations lead to refund of the booking amount resulting in the above mentioned effects, postponing will ensure that booking deposits and retainers still remain with the vendors and your event will still happen exactly the way you wanted it to be- albeit on a different, safer date in the future!

At a time like this, while we learn about fighting against this calamity together, it is our sincere plea to all brides, grooms and their families out there to reconsider cancelling their big days and pushing it ahead to a safer date in the future!

Make sure you communicate with all your vendors as soon as possible and keep your guest count intimate to ensure the safety of everyone coming out to celebrate your big day, whether it’s now or in the near future!