Postponed Your Wedding Because Of Covid-19? Here’s What The Wedding Experts Have To Say...

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We are in lockdown - everything seems to be lost, and as days are passing by, the chances of returning to normalcy seem to be shrouded in uncertainty. India and many other countries across the world are fighting this battle against Covid-19 by staying indoors. Our social life might have gone haywire, but the optimism of things getting better soon has kept us going. Thus we continue to wage a war, with all our might, against this pandemic. While it is a difficult time for all of us, it is especially a hurdle for the couples who were all set to get married in the upcoming months.

Couples had planned their weddings for months, and now all they can do is sit back and watch their dream wedding dates get postponed amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Booked venues, flights and multiple other things stand cancelled as planning for the most joyous occasion of their lives has come to a complete halt. But this pandemic has not only affected the bride and the groom, it has also affected the wedding industry as a whole. Right from photographers to event planners, everyone is doing their best to make sure that the couples don't lose hope and their dreams don’t shatter.

The wedding companies are helping their clients in multiple ways. Either by giving them the preference in the upcoming months for their wedding, at the same price that was finalised or even refunding the booking amount in some cases. We got in touch with a few people from the wedding industry and here's what they have to say about this whole situation.

Dealing with dates and pricing

Speaking about postponing the dates and giving the first preference to previously booked clients, renowned makeup artist Kajol R Paswwan said, "People will surely be scared to attend the wedding because of this disease as it is contagious. We will be losing out on a lot of business in the upcoming months, but we are pretty sure of the fact that November and December will be really packed."

“I will start taking the new bookings from April 15th, but my inclination will be towards the brides whose weddings have been postponed because of this pandemic. I will try my best to accommodate the brides who have booked me for November and December. However, if I'm unable to manage, then I will take a call and choose the brides accordingly. Pricing wise, if the pre-booked bride is planning to get married till October, then their prices will remain the same. However, if they plan to get married in November and December, then the prices will slightly differ.”

Dealing with enquiries and anxiety

Just like makeup, photography also plays an important role in the wedding. It takes months for the bride and the groom to finalise a photographer of their choice and budget. But now with the current situation, everything has come to a halt. We spoke to Anand Rathi - founder of Reels and Frames about how they are dealing with this situation, and this is what he had to say:

"We are dealing with things in good faith, we are trying to accommodate clients, and they are trying to accommodate us." We have got new enquiries, but none of them have confirmed by giving us a token amount. The situation at present is quite uncertain, so people are still making enquiries before finalising things."

A lot of couples have become too anxious and in an attempt to address their anxiousness and concerns, Anand said, "It is a difficult time for all of us, but I would like to say that things will get better with time. It’s best if at a time like this, the couple just stays calm and researches as much as they can. Research about the vendors, locations, photographers, etc. plan your budget, themes and keep everything handy, so that when things are back in place, you'll save a lot of time. Every couple will have a great wedding since they are getting enough time to research and focus on the details.”

Dealing with management, planning, pricing and bookings

Weddings are the most special occasion of any couple's life. Not only the couple but everyone who comes to celebrate their union - really look forward to the events planned. In order to make sure that everything looks like a perfect dream-come-true, couples usually hire a wedding planner, so that everything can be done as per their vision. At this time of distress, wedding planners are also doing everything they can for their clients.

Speaking about things that have come at a standstill and how we can hope for a better tomorrow, Ajay Modgil, founder of F5 weddings said, "The situation is under no one's control, and hence we would primarily favour our existing clients. We are not taking new bookings before checking with our existing clients who have had to postpone their celebrations. We have told them to get back to us with a new date as soon as possible so that we can work around it accordingly. We are not going to change the fee structure and will charge the same amount since this is an unprecedented situation. We will be taking up new bookings in the upcoming months, but when it comes to dates, we will ask our existing clients about it first."

Dealing with decor management and workers

Right from the lights to the flowers, millennials couples ensure that everything is handpicked by them. In such a scenario, cancelling all the previously decided decor is not only saddening, but is a task in itself. Speaking about how couples and the companies can deal with the impact of the restrictions on decor management, Aashna Singh Saran from Aash Studio said, "We're telling our clients to choose to postpone instead of cancelling. We have kept things and our vendors on hold. I am staying calm, and I am making sure that my clients also deal with this calmly. I'm not going to charge an extra amount from my clients, even if they postpone the wedding to December since it won't be fair to take advantage of the situation. The wedding budgets will decrease because of the crisis and hence charging extra won't be the right thing to do."

Telling us more about her team and their work, Aashna said: "We are trying to keep ourselves busy by working on designs, social media and other things. I am trying to support my workers as much as I can. It is a difficult time for everyone, so for me, the charity will begin with my workers. I will do everything I can for them right now."

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