Quarantined Honeymoon - 10 Tips To Have A Romantic Honeymoon At Home

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

With the speedy and uncontrollable spread of COVID-19, not only have a large number of weddings been cancelled and postponed, but also a lot of couples have had to forgo their honeymoons. While we totally understand the dismal of being isolated in your homes and apartments right when you want to flaunt your bridal glow and happiness to the world, here are a few ways in which you can make the most of this self-imposed quarantine by having a home-honeymoon with your sweetheart.

Cook Together

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Cooking is therapeutic in nature and is known to bring hearts together! Explore new recipes and try whipping them up together. It’s sure to help you with some amazing dishes and a great chemistry with your partner as well.

Wine N Dine

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Have an elaborate dinner date at home. Hang on some fairy lights, put on some soothing music and wear a gorgeous outfit. Pop some bubbly to accompany the food and watch the plan turn into the best dinner date you’d ever had!

Movie Date

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Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar and what not! We millennials are blessed with a plethora of video streaming options. Use this time to plan a romantic movie date with your partner. Collect all the pillows and cushions you have at home, pull over your comfiest blankets, get those corns popping and play your favourite rom-com. There surely can’t be a better plan than this!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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From a romantic close-dancing sesh to grooving on your favourite tracks, you can totally turn your house into your own private night club. Get your favourite drinks out from the bar and play your favourite tracks while you and your partner groove to them. You can also opt for some sensuous mood lighting and dress up in your favourite outfit to amp up the night.

Board Games FTW!

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PJs, snacks and board games- we bet you cannot suggest a better combo to spend a lazy, quarantined day with your love. While there are a number of online board game apps available for those who do not have access to a real one, we also suggest you to try some naughty ones for those honeymoon feels!

Workout Together

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Yes! We simply cannot stop raving about how hot we think working out together is. Put on some fun, workout numbers and sweat it out at home with your partner. We’re sure you guys are going to love it as much as we do!

Spa Time

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Treat your partner to some relaxing massage and vice versa! You can use the quarantine to catch up on some much-needed relaxation and what better option than a nice, enriching massage. Light some delicious candles, use your favourite essential oils and make the most of your romantic spa day!

Whip Some Cocktails

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For couples who like to sip, sup and chug, here’s a perfect activity you can enjoy together. Bring all our favourite liquors and liqueurs out of the bar and mix them with some quirky syrups and juices for delicious cocktails. The process is sure to help you get drunk in love and also aid you with a fun cocktail menu for your post-quarantine parties!


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A romantic book being read loud as your lie in the arms of your partner tucked into a cozy blanket- do we say more?

Plan A Terrace / Backyard / Balcony Picnic

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This one’s for all the days you simply cannot stay indoors. Fill in a picnic basket with your favourite foods, juices, books and boardgames and head to your terrace, backyard or balcony for a fun picnic. However, do this only if you have a private terrace or backyard. We urge you to stay away from public spaces- even in your societies and building complexes!

This gloomy time is sure to end soon and we assure you that happy, brighter days will be here again. Use this time to catch up on some rest and indoor time with your partner. Have heartfelt conversations, know each other better and plan all the things you would want to do together in the future. If you look at the brighter side, intimate moments like these aren’t common so do ensure to make the most of this self-quarantined period to build your relationships stronger!