Stunning Bridal Necklace Inspiration For Your Big Day

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

If you’re the bride, your necklace has to be a show stopper! Now, whether you prefer an all diamond necklace or you’d rather opt for a Polki one, whether a string of pearls is your thing or you’d rather wear an emerald choker, we’ve covered them all. These necklaces are taking the fashion world by storm, and we can’t help but obsess over them!

Image via @anitadongrepinkcity

This jaw-dropping Polki and emerald necklace that will make heads turn as soon as you walk in!

Image via @delhivelvet

Just by looking at this necklace, you can tell that it is traditional heritage family jewellery. We haven’t seen anything like this in a while, and we’re just in awe.

Image via @jagdishjewellerschandigarh

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? If these are the diamonds, we won’t mind being BFF’s either!

Image via @jagdishjewellerschandigarh

Can we just say, wow? For the bride who wants to wear a pretty big set without really going ‘all out’, this necklace was made for you!

Image via @cupcakeproductions13

Does a necklace get any prettier than this? No really, we haven’t seen something so elegant and this graceful in a long time!

Image via @hitchedandclicked

We’re all about these intricate chokers. When in doubt, a beautiful choker is all you need to complete your bridal attire.

Image by @shrigurudev_photography

We think she looks like royalty! We also think that beautiful necklace has a bit of a role to play in achieving that royal look!

Image via @dipak_studios

The colour of that necklace, the intricate work, the way it sits atop her neck, the way it compliments her outfit just so perfectly – we’ve kind of fallen in love with this piece.

Image via @delhivelvet

Truth be told, we’re absolutely obsessing over this beautiful 5 string necklace. If you ask us, every bride looks great in one of these beauties.

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You can never go wrong with a Kundan necklace. No matter what anyone says, they look totally elegant and absolutely beautiful.

Image via @dotdusk

Another Polki and emerald classic! So simple yet so effective, so elegant yet so bold. A definite winner in our minds.

Image via @weddingnama

A simple diamond necklace. Yes, please! We’d love to see more of these. You can never go wrong with it, never!

Image via @anitadongrepinkcity

Polki and pearls – what a beautiful combination. This one is perfect for the bride who wants to look a little traditional coupled with a hint of modern. We’re loving the simplicity of this one.

Image via @abhinavmishra_

Yes, yes, yes, we’re seeing a beautiful all-gold necklace after so long. These necklaces are so underrated – but just look at how gorgeous they are!

Image via @rjs_company

Another traditional piece, this one is probably one of our favourites! She looks like a Mughal princess who is about to get married – a royal bride indeed.

Image via @rjs_company

Another Kundan set for the win! We love how this necklace can be paired with any bridal outfit – blush pink, emerald green, ruby red, ivory and gold, you name it!

Image via @jaipurandco

We like to think of this as an artisan choker! The play on angles, the pretty setting and the overall look and feel of this necklace is just amazing. We’re sold!