The Last Minute DIY Mehendi Party Checklist

Published by - The Wed Post | 6 minute read

Your wedding functions are fast approaching, you’ve got your friends coming over for dance practice every night and everything seems to be going as per plan. But wait, you decided to have a small family Mehndi function and suddenly everyone wants to be invited and you need to put it together, asap! Don’t worry, organizing last-minute mehndis are part of our forte, and now we’re letting you in on our secrets.

Call the mehndi artist and team

You probably have one or two mehndi artists already coming to do your bridal mehndi. Call them and ask them to bring their whole team for your guests too. If they don’t have a big enough team, ask them for recommendations – everyone in the wedding industry works together, so you’ll have a solution in no time.

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Speak to your local sweet shop

The best food to serve at a Mehndi function? Gol gappas, aloo chaat, chole bhature, aloo puri, vada pao – the works! And all these are easily available at any local sweet and farsaan shop. So just call them, tell them the number of people they need to cater to and you’re good to go. If your mehndi plan is so last minute that they can’t cater, just order in. Set up the plates and food on your dining table and have a home-style buffet.

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DIY decor is the best kind of decor

Take a few earthen pots (or even fishbowls), fill them with water and float some flowers and candles. You could also go to the florist and buy 50 strands of marigold and cut that in the centre to make your own strands and hang around your house. Tuberoses, jasmines or carnations are also great to make floral stands. If you have those pretty embroidered umbrellas, make sure to hang them around as decor too. The more colourful, the better! You can also create a beautiful rangoli at the entrance to add to the ethnic vibe and make some simple floral arrangements that you can place in vases all around the venue.

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Pick your outfit

Just take out any nice and colourful outfit from your trousseau. One less outfit wouldn’t make much difference. Otherwise, pick out any pretty lehenga from your wardrobe. You could even mix and match an outfit. In fact, even a pretty floral dress can totally be the perfect mehndi outfit if you accessorize it well! If you don’t want to wear any of the jewellery that is meant for the main wedding functions, you can always pick up some floral jewellery. As for hair and makeup, natural makeup would be perfect for a home function along with a twisted braid to which you can add a touch of some freshly bought baby’s breath. That is sure to instantly transform your look.

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Let all your friends and loved ones know

The worst thing you can do is not invite someone who is actually close to you. When you’re planning a last-minute affair, the names of some people might slip your mind – so you need to make a quick list and send out an e-invite to all your close friends and family!

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Speak to your photographer

Yes, it is last minute but of course you’re going to want great pictures of the event. Speak to your photographer and ask them if they can cover this event too. It’ll cost you a little extra but they have to be available too. If they aren’t, don’t worry, your friends will manage! Most people now have a high-end camera or a smartphone which are as good as professional cameras.

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Don’t forget about the bar

Whether you want an open bar at your mehndi or not is totally up to you. If you can find a last-minute bartender, that’s great! If not, just make it a self-serve bar. If you don’t have a portable bar table, just use any table and cover it up with a white table cloth and some florals or ribbons with a small ‘Open Bar’ sign.

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Basically, it all depends on your budget and the number of guests you invite. Just don’t stress about anything! If you can’t get it catered, it can easily be made at home. If it doesn’t fit your budget, it isn’t required. Think of this as a last-minute house party, so just go with the flow and have fun!