The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

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Planning a wedding requires an unimaginable amount of effort, but we don’t need to tell you that – just think of every bridezilla you’ve ever met! It’s a great ordeal and planning that perfect wedding where nothing can go wrong is almost impossible. Between conversations about every small detail, fittings and trying to make time for your partner, it's sure to make you go a little crazy. So brides, just to make your life a little bit easier and to make the planning process a little less stressful and a lot more fun, here is the ULTIMATE wedding checklist we've come up with for all you to be brides and grooms out there!

1. Make A Wedding Binder

A wedding binder is the best way to actually have all your ideas in one place! This binder should include destinations, themes for different functions, possible venues, potential caterers, the flower decorations you like and the mood you want to set, wedding invite ideas, save the date ideas, decor styles and every little or big detail. And of course, there should be a whole section dedicated to bridal outfits, your favourite make-up looks and possible hair do’s so you slay as a bride! Now that you have a fair idea about what direction your wedding is headed in, let’s start making the real checklist!

Image via Stories by Joseph Radhik

2. Decide On A Budget

Is the bride’s family paying? Is the groom paying? Is the couple splitting the cost? The budget is the most important aspect of planning your wedding so make sure you sit down and decide on a limit that both you and your partner and families can work with.

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3. Set A Date

Be it your dating anniversary or a date taken out by a pandit, you need to set a date as soon as possible. Once it is, make sure to send out save the date cards or e-invites so your friends and family can start prepping for your wedding!

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4. Hire A Wedding Planner

Of course you can plan your own wedding, but here's an option for those who'd like for someone else to handle all the planning and be a bridechilla! So if you’d like to hire a wedding planner or an event planning company, now is the right time to do so! Make sure you pick someone who understands your vision of your wedding and makes this process a whole lot easier for you and your partner.

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5. Decide On A Location

Will it be a destination wedding? Will the wedding be in the country or abroad? Or will it be in your hometown? Depending on the location of the wedding, you need to start jotting down a guest list and start looking for suitable venues.

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6. Finalize The Venue

The sooner you book the venue, the better the rate. Also, the higher the chances of actually the venue of your choice. Make sure you're booking the venue based on the number of guests you plan to invite and do this as soon as your dates are finalised!

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7. Finalize The Caterers

Can you even have a big fat Indian wedding without good food and good booze? We think not. So, make sure you finalize the caterers and bartenders for all the events ASAP and make sure the menu you plan includes yours and your partners favourite food and drinks!

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8. Finalize The Decorator

Your wedding venues need to look absolutely beautiful. Talk to a few people whose work and vibe you like and hire a team of decorators who will do everything from the floral arrangements to the tenting, from the seating to the dance floor, from the entrance to the mandap and discuss your vision of the wedding with them along with budgets so they can work accordingly.

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9. Book Your Photographer

These are the memories that last you a lifetime so make sure to pick someone who matches your style, whose work you like and who fits your budget. Good photographers get booked fast, especially during wedding season, so if you want the best, you need to book way in advance as soon as your wedding dates are confirmed.

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10. Book The Entertainment

Whether you want a jazz band, a Bollywood DJ or a live performance by an artist, make sure to book them for your wedding as soon as you finalise them.

11. Choose A Wedding Invite

Once the guest list is decided, you need to get your wedding invites designed and printed! You also need to decide if you'd like to give anything with the wedding invites – handmade chocolates, a box of mithai, dry fruits, cupcakes? It's entirely upto you and your parents to decide. Make these decisions depending on your budget, because wedding invites can shoot up the budget without you even realizing it.

Image via Bombay Lettering

Image via Bombay Lettering

12. Start Looking For Bridal Outfits

Depending on how many functions you’re having, you need to buy bridal outfits for the same. This means visiting a zillion shops and boutiques, spending months trying on clothes and a whole lot of fashion. So enjoy it and make sure to pick outfits that suit your body shape and enhance your best features! and don't forget to pick accessories for each outfit too!

Image by Mili Ghosh

Image by Mili Ghosh

13. Start Looking At And Buying Your Jewellery

Once you have a fair idea of what your outfits are going to look like, you need to start looking at jewellery option. Again, this is a time-consuming process so be mentally prepared to spend all day looking at diamonds, polki, kundan and what not! Pick the complementing jewellery for each outfit and be prepared.

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14. Trousseau Shopping

While you’re at it, you might as well start looking at outfits to add to your post-wedding trousseau. Every girl has a few things in mind for this, make sure you plan it in advance and collect some fabulous clothes and accessories for yourself.

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15. Book Your Makeup Artist And Hairstylist

This is super important since it's how you look on your big day. Many makeup artists offer a half face trial, and you should always opt for that so you know how their work is and if it suits your liking. Book a makeup artist that you trust, after all, it is your big day! Usually, they will have a hairstylist and drapist along with them, so that's one job lesser.

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16. Book Accommodation

If you’re having a destination wedding or you have guests coming from out of town, you need to book accommodation for them. Let the hunt for decent-accommodation-within-your-budget begin!

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17. Get A Pre-wedding Photoshoot Done In Your Favourite Place

Given that pre-wedding photoshoots are the new trend, of course, you and your husband-to-be need to have one! For that, you need to choose outfits, a makeup artist, a venue, and of course the photographer. Preferably the one you're hiring for your wedding as you'll get to work with them and get comfortable before the big day.

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18. Create A Unique Wedding Hashtag

Another trend is the wedding hashtag! You need to decide this well in advance so you can get it blown up for the wedding venue and for your friends to use on social media. Some people even write this hashtag on the wedding invite!

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19. Have A Fun Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

While you’re planning your wedding, you need to, of course, plan a fun bachelorette with your girlfriends, have a good time and try not to stress about wedding planning. A much-needed break, phew!

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20. Send Out Your Invites

Make sure you send the invites at least three to four weeks in advance. If you send them two months earlier, you might need to send follow up reminders so people don’t forget!

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21. Book The Mehendi Artist

Every wedding needs a mehendi ceremony, and you need someone who is all about the details so your mehendi is perfect! Make sure you get yours done at least 2 days before the wedding so it colours in time.

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22. Hire A Choreographer

Are you a pro dancer? If not, you need to hire a choreographer to teach your friends, your family, you and your better half how to shake a synchronised leg at your Sangeet!

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23. Choose Your Cake

What flavour will the wedding cake be? How many tiers? What will it look like? Where are you ordering it from? Decisions decisions. Make sure you order enough for everyone!

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24. Double Check With All Your Vendors

Call everyone – caterers, decorators, entertainment, makeup artist, mehendi artist, etc to make sure everyone is on board. When the big day arrives, just forget about this checklist! Have a great time, cherish every moment and make sure everyone says, “You look like a happy bride who is having the best time of her life!”

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