The Wed Post Select – Best Indian Bridal Portraits Of 2019

Published by - The Wed Post | 3 minute read

2019 was the year that saw the Indian Wedding Industry in its most glorious form. While the entire decade was all about witnessing unique trends, awe-inspiring technology and surreal dynamics in the wedding industry, the year 2019 took the glamour a notch higher, witnessing some of the most beautiful nuptial unions we ever saw!

An ode to this wonderful year of magnanimous celebrations, The Wed Post brings to you its year-end list of 2019 favourites, beginning with the Best Indian Bridal Portraits of 2019.

The Blushing Bride by Shashank Issar

The Enchantress by Dotdusk

The Stalwart Bride by Mili Ghosh

Vintage Beauty by Shades

The Ethnic Regalia by Lightbucket Productions

Nonchalant Euphoria by Rimi Sen

The Dancing Bride by Naman Verma

The Queen by The Photo Diary

Purity of Poignance by House On The Clouds