Wedding Trends 2020 - Latest Food And Beverage Trends For A Delicious Wedding

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Year 2020 is here bringing along a myriad of new trends and styles to the wedding industry. While the yesteryear was all about trying fresh takes on traditional big fat weddings, the new year promises a whimsical amalgam of wedding trends - with a few borrowed from the last year and a few completely new! So without wasting much time, here are the top wedding catering trends to have a lip-smacking wedding celebration!

Always The Couple's Choice

Well, we mean this very literally. We expect the wedding food to be based on the choice of the bride and groom – bride and groom specialities, so to say. So, let’s say the bride loves sushi and pan-fried noodles while the groom loves boti kebabs and chicken korma. So instead of an endless option of pan-Asian and Indian food, we expect to see a select few dishes that are close to the bride and groom's heart. This can of course be done for cocktails too!

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Locally Sourced Ingredients To The Rescue

As more people turn towards healthy living and organic produce, we expect a lot of couples to choose locally sourced ingredients for their wedding dishes. They’re fresher, of quality and most importantly, by opting to buy from local farmers and wholesalers, you’re promoting local cottage industries.

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They See Me Rollin'

Bar carts everywhere! Some basic bar carts where you can ask the bartender to make your drinks, some bar carts which have the wedding special cocktails just roaming around the venue, some bar carts that are just for shots – basically, just bar carts doing the rounds of the venue. No crowded bars, everyone gets their favourite drinks and you get to show off the pretty theme-inspired cocktails.

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Vegan Is The New Vegetarian

We’ve all seen, or at least heard of those popular Netflix documentaries that are making people convert to veganism after just one watch. While some people might be vegan for health reasons, others might choose to go down the vegan path because it has become very popular. Whatever the reason, you’re going to have a lot of vegan guests at your wedding so a food counter dedicated to vegans is going to become a real thing.

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Poke Bowls Aren't Just For Instagram

We’re predicting that poke bowls are going to pave their way into the wedding industry very soon. So, why not be the first among your friends who has a poke bowl counter at your wedding? This could be a DIY counter where people can choose whatever they want or you could have 3 to 4 varieties of standard options. Add a little touch of Indian flavours to it and they’ll become an instant hit.

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Fewer Dishes, Higher Quality

So when you attend a big fat Indian wedding with hundreds of dishes to choose from, you’ll probably notice that no dish really stands out. No particular dish made you say “oh wow, I want seconds’. So, in 2020, we’re predicting that people are going to opt for fewer but quality dishes. And isn’t that the kind of food we always love? Plus, there won’t be too much getting wasted.

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Favourite Restaurant For The Win

Keeping in sync with the fewer dishes trend, we think that people will stop hiring food caterers and ask their favourite restaurants to cater for the wedding instead. Let’s say you’re getting married in Delhi. The Thai food could be catered by Mamagoto, the Asian food could be catered by Mainland China, the Indian food could probably be catered by Khan Chacha and so on. Imagine going to a wedding and eating your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant. How amazing does that sound?

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Turning Cocktails Into Masterpieces

Champagne glasses topped with candy floss, simple cocktails with floating floral ice cubes, drinks and cocktails that match the wedding theme, delicious ombre effect cocktails, cocktails with fruit slices. There are so many ways to turn cocktails into art, and we see this trend becoming a pretty big deal in 2020. All you need to do is hire the right bartender!

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Light Bites Are The New Dinner

Nowadays, youngsters usually nibble on a few snacks while sipping their drinks. You don’t see too many people eating a plate full of food and then heading to the dance floor to do shots. Most prefer to have a few light bites, enjoy their drinks, eat light and call it a night. So, in 2020, be prepared for a lot more snacks and light bites going around the venue as opposed to the typical food that does the rounds.

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Late Night Snacks Are Lifesavers

It’s 4 am in the morning, most of the adults have left, only a few close friends are firing up the dance floor and enjoying their test tube shots. Now, these light bites aren’t going to soak up all that alcohol! So, we’re predicting that a late-night snack counter is going to become a common thing in 2020. Just the usual favourites – slices of pizza, butter chicken and naan, biryani and some usual favourites. Basically, everything a drunk and hungry mind might crave in the wee hours of the morning.

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Herbs Are The New Sweeteners

With people worrying about the calories in their drink, we don’t see too many bright green and neon drinks being ordered at the bar. Instead, herb-infused cocktails are the next big thing. Rosemary with whiskey, thyme with gin and lime, cilantro with vodka and sprite, sage and rosemary-infused sparkling wine – this is what people want in 2020. Perfect these drinks and your wedding bar is going to be a huge success!

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No Food Like Mom's Food

You know that delicious chicken curry your mom makes? Or that delectable chocolate cake your aunt has perfected? So, we’re thinking that hometown favourites, as well as home favourites, are going to become a big thing in 2020. You can have versions of your favourite hometown dishes – saag and makkai di roti, masala dosa and tomato chutney, galouti kebab and khameeri roti.. you get the idea. Let’s assume you love the gulab jamuns from your local sweetshop – serve those. Or, for a smaller function, you can always ask your aunt to make one of your favourite dishes that you can serve at the function.

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Ain't No Party Like A DIY Party

We love DIY food counters. Currently, DIY paani puri counters are the only one of their kind – that too with a server standing behind the counter to help you out. But we’re talking about full-fledged DIY counters – make your own taco counters, DIY popcorn counter, make your own Khao suey counter, DIY salad bar, DIY sandwich carts, DIY smores counter, make your own burger counters – there’s so much you can do. It prevents food wastage and it allows people to eat what they enjoy.

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A Cocktail Menu Curated By The Couple

Instead of giving people an endless choice of cocktails, weddings in 2020 are going to keep it limited to a list that is chosen by the couple of the hour. One person asks for a bloody mary, another asks for a cosmopolitan while the third asks for a tequila sunrise – the bartenders will go crazy! So, to make everyone's life easier, just serve the bride and groom’s favourites. Other than that, people are free to order a classic drink of their choice. Ps. This really cuts costs and saves time, at the end of the day.

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