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One of the most sought after concepts by modern brides and grooms, 'green weddings' have been highly in demand owing to the increasing global awareness of ecology. Apart from planning the wedding of their dreams with absolute perfection, new-age couples also want to ensure that their celebrations are as eco-friendly as possible. While a little research can always help you plan a celebration that is not only beautiful but also leaves minimal carbon footprints, it is always advisable to have an expert on board to ensure that your big day is no less than a perfect balance of fun, beauty and sustainability. 

To know more about this rising trend of sustainability and how one can carve gorgeous celebrations out of it, we spoke to Sabah Sheikh from Ātisuto, who helped us know everything about this noble way of carousing. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

We'd love to know a little about the idea. What exactly is the concept of sustainability and how can we incorporate in weddings?

Sustainability is the ability to be sustained. The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting the long-term ecological balance of nature. There are a lot of ways that this can be incorporated in weddings. Green weddings are celebrations planned where the couple’s goal is to try and lower their ecological footprint. There is no right way to plan an event that is 100% green because it would be impossible. The goal is to try and lower the impact of the event on the environment in whichever way you can. Let vendors know your goals, then you can both come up with options to make their service to you eco-friendlier, such as eliminating any plastic products at the dinner service or having napkins made from recycled paper at the cocktail hour.

Is it already a sought-after concept by a large number of Indian couples?

A lot of Indian couples have been going green with their weddings. However, as designers we've come across a lot of our clients who like to take this route and that makes us very happy but unfortunately, it's not a concept that is practiced by the majority of the crowd.

Is it a concept planners have been suggesting couples proactively or is it still alien to Indian markets?

I still think the concept is pretty alien to the Indian market. However, couples are trying to be more aware and making sure they make their weddings as green as possible. Although I still think as a concept planner myself - we need to make sure we suggest all couples take this route.

How do you usually start planning such a wedding? What elements do you focus on and how do you go about putting it together?

Now you can have a green wedding with any theme or style and guests wouldn’t even notice it was a green event unless they were told. Eco-friendly products are starting to emerge like crazy. With recycled materials, artists can make beautiful invitations out of banana leaves too. From recycled invitations to local flowers, to avoid using plastic or to use bio-degradable plastic, to recycle your flowers like a piece of art. A lot of sustainable methods can be practiced.

What are the challenges couples and planners usually face while planning and executing a sustainable wedding?

I think there is a scarcity of vendors available to help you plan a green wedding. Also, a common misconception is that a green wedding could be more expensive than a regular one. If you do your research right or work with an eco-friendly planner, there is absolutely no reason a green wedding should cost more than a regular wedding.

Why would you recommend that people consider consciously having a sustainable wedding?

Yes, absolutely. Now more than ever, we need to protect the environment and every little action counts.

What would the difference in costing be for the couple while planning a sustainable wedding? Is it possible to be on a tight budget but also plan a sustainable wedding? How?

Yes, it's possible. With the expanding amount of eco-friendly products and services available, a green wedding is easily executable in any budget. Make sure you do the right kind of research and have efficient vendors to help you through this process.

Do you plan to adopt this practice in all the weddings you plan henceforth?

Yes, 100% & I would request everyone else to also practice this as much as possible.

What are the top 5 important tips you'd want to share with couples looking to have an eco-friendly, sustainable wedding?

Think Local:

Everything looks best when it fits the locale. Look for local flowers, local food and beverage options and gifts for your gift bag. Not only will your carbon footprint be smaller, but you will be supporting the locale!

The goodies:

Select welcome bag items and favors that are mindfully manufactured and packaged. If you can source these locally, even better! Edible favors packaged in an eco-friendly material ensure that the item ends up in a belly instead of a landfill.


Put a little extra thought into the decor to reduce waste! Would live plants supplement cut flowers nicely with your design? Can you use soy wax candles? Linen using natural fibers versus manufactured fibers will also help.


Every event has it! Talk to your venue/hotel team and event planner to set up a plan for recycling and compost.


We love paper! Beautiful paper can still be gentle on the environment though. Talk to your stationery to consider paper and inks that are gentle on the environment or can be recycled like seed paper.

Go Green & Stay Safe.