The Wed Post X Pandora Gifting Co - 5 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Packing Ideas

Published by - The Wed Post | 8 minute read

A relatively recent but welcome trend in the Indian wedding industry has been the demand of sustainability! With an increasing number of young couples opting for eco-friendly elements through their wedding, wedding professionals have been constantly kept on their toes looking for new, fresh ways of incorporating this 'go green' concept.

While there has been a lot said and done on eco-friendly planning, we're here to shed some light on another major part of weddings- gifting with Pandora Gifting Co.! Talking about this upstanding trend that's here to stay, Sanchita, their founder says, "We are always on the lookout for products and packaging that spell out the environmentally friendly enterprise that we are. Doing our bit in reducing the carbon footprint brings happiness like no other. Many of our clients, in fact, are fans of minimalism & sustainable gifting who want to make a difference by packaging their wedding favours in the most sustainable way possible."

Sanchita's simple yet sophisticated gift packaging styles doubled with the value add of ethical sustainability is a perfect pick for couples who like to go the eco-friendly way. To help us and our readers have some fun time practising a few ideas ourselves, here are 5 DIY eco-friendly gift-packaging methods from the treasure box of Pandora Gifting Co. which are very easy, affordable and very classy.

Materials that can be used for these are simple, easily available and sometimes homegrown as well. You can make use of the following.

Paper- Making sure that the paper is recyclable is a great way to start off the wrapping. Avoid foil, glitter, velvet flocking or plastic coating. Rolls of solid coloured/kraft paper are so versatile. Even newspapers look chic and trendy.

Cloth - Strips of coloured, printed or polka dotted cloth can add a perfect dash of colour and texture. Jute & muslin help the gift don a rustic look.

Twine- Instead of using decorated twines available in the market, twines can be made of jute, flax, cotton or hemp.

Decorations- Pick out leaves, flowers and buds from your home garden and don’t forget to pay a visit to your kitchen! There is an abundance of material in your own home! Who would have thought using cinnamon sticks, star anise and sun-dried fruits could make a gift so pretty! Try using old ribbons and bows too.

Let's get started!

Summer Cocktail

Replica of a summer cocktail, this style uses real leaves entwined with sun-dried apples & oranges giving the whole packaging a rusty and classic look. We’ve amalgamated unique yet routine things like newspaper & jute to take it a notch up.

Flower Never Fails!

If you are short on time but stuck on making the gift look pretty, add a real flower! Yes, nothing beats the freshness atop a gift other than a hand plucked flower from your own garden. Such natural, vibrant and colourful add-on with a hint of fragrance will certainly woo your loved one.

Pictures Are Forever

Planning your bridal shower? We have the perfect gift wrapping idea for the favours! Relive golden moments with your girls by pulling out your memory box and taking out your favourite photos together from a school trip, college fest or any goofy, trippy photos you clicked having the time of your lives and adorn them on the top of gifts. Nothing beats reminiscing those days! Further decorate them with jute twines, leaves and wax seals for the perfectly embellished look!

Nature's Bounty

For someone in love with nature can theme their winter wedding around the enchanted forest. Wedding favours can be wrapped beautifully using nature’s bounty in so many dainty ways using cinnamon sticks, star anise - all sorts of different spices & ferns - so surreal, so aromatic and so abundant.

Tropic Like It's Hot

Pandora Gift Co. inspired by the ancient floral etchings and watercolours for this DIY gift wrap. One can turn simple details like photos of vibrant flowers and juicy fruits from a coloured printer and slightly burn them on the edges with a candle. The overall rustic, fresh and picturesque look of the gift combined with a few twigs and a jute twine will be perfect as favours for a tropical or beach wedding.