The Wed Post X The Murphy Studio - E-Vites 101

Published by - The Wed Post | 14 minute read

A radical game-changer in the world of wedding invitations, Digital Invites or E-vites have become a household name, all thanks to the growing awareness of sustainability and eco-friendliness. While more and more millennials are opting for this pocket-friendly and sustainable alternative to the otherwise traditional method of sending out cards and favour boxes, there’s still a considerably large chunk of the population wary of this latest trend. 

Throwing light on this trend of digitally designed and consigned E-vites, we have Mitali Patil from The Murphy Studio spelling out the concept for us. Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Please introduce our readers to the concept of E-vites.

“E-vites are digitally crafted, consigned and viewed formal wedding invitations in the form of still images, animated videos and PDFs. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these are not printed on paper or any other tangent material but are viewed digitally on your computer and phone screens. However, they are as formal and official as printed invites and serve the same purpose.”

How are E-vites consigned to the guests?

“WhatsApp is the most convenient way of sending E-vites currently. However, they can also be sent via email or iMessage. The files are generally light and can be easily shared via any media sharing platform.”

How much do E-vites cost as compared to regular cards?

“E-vites are any day cheaper as compared to regular cards since we avoid the expense of papers, printing, foiling and shipping. E-vites are digitally created and shared via the Internet, hence there is little to no printing cost involved. It’s just the designing bit that we charge for. At The Murphy Studio, our digital invites begin at INR 3,000 and go up to INR 25,000, subjective to the client’s requirements.”

How long does it take to design an E-vite?

“The duration is completely dependent upon the complexity of the design. We usually start working with couples a year to 8 months in advance to understand their aesthetics and work on mood boards before the actual designing begins. While a still image will take around 4 to 10 days depending upon the complexity, an animated video will easily take around 2 to 3 weeks.”

Are E-vites popular in the market?

“Yes, definitely! The younger generation is all for pretty, interactive e-vites. Millennials have understood the amount of time and money they end up saving with e-vites. Around 60% of The Murphy Studio’s clients opt only for e-vites, 10% for boxed invitations while 30% demand a mix of cards and digital invites.”

Why should we choose digital over traditional invites?

“Why shouldn’t you? E-vites open the doors for a myriad of creative ideas. Right from simple, sophisticated stills to awe-inspiring animations, E-vites are a dream come true for couples who are all for creativity. These invites are also pocket-friendly, save a lot of time and most importantly, eco-friendly. You end up saving a large amount of paper and ink while getting E-vites made, helping you play your part towards mother Earth. Also, E-vites give you the opportunity to re-edit the design as many times as you require. While the process of re-edits usually stops once the traditional card is printed, E-vites ensure maximum satisfaction as you can keep improvising your card until you feel completely satisfied with what you have received!”

Are E-vites as pretty as real cards?

“We can’t really compare the two. At The Murphy Studio, we ensure that each invite prepared with every kind of budget is beautiful in its own way. While E-vites are really awe-inspiring considering the animations and designing that go into them, card invites too have their own unique style and beauty. The material of the paper used, foiling, ink help create a masterpiece which can’t be compared to E-vites. Both are equally beautiful in their own unique ways!”

What is the correct way of following up with the invitees after sending an E-vite?

“While E-vites give you the liberty to invite guests from the comfort of your couch, it’s always better to call the invitees personally and follow up with them. Send a well-drafted message with the invite to your guests and call them to reconfirm the invitation, requesting them to consider the E-vite as a formal invitation.”

What about older invitees who might not be tech-savvy? How do we communicate with them?

“This is the most common question we come across. We usually recommend our clients to get a smaller batch of cards printed for these guests. These cards can be in complete sync with the main e-vites and are of perfect use for older guests and kankotri functions which require presenting the card in the temples and to priests.”

Can E-vites be in sync with the rest of the wedding stationery?

“Yes, of course! Bespoke studios like The Murphy Studio are known to create themed wedding stationery packages. All the designs of the elements of our packages are completely in sync right from save the dates, invitation cards, e-vites, itineraries, room hampers, tent cards to thank you cards.”

Does sending E-vites make guests judge the couple for not consigning physical cards?

“Not really. People do feel that they might be judged for sending out only an e-vite but that rarely happens when you request guests to treat it as a formal invitation. Also, you can explain the thought behind opting for an e-vite to your close ones and a formal follow-up phone call is always sufficient! And if you still feel that somebody out there might judge you, remember that your choice is eco-friendly, sustainable and contributes to the greater good. Nothing can beat this satisfaction!”

Can people design E-vites by themselves?

“Of course they can, but we wouldn’t recommend them to! Nothing beats the beauty of a professionally crafted graphical card or video. These E-vites are designed after tedious brainstorming sessions, copious mood boards, designing by adept graphic designers and innumerable re-edits before they reach the screens of your guests. I doubt if the same quality can be achieved via a phone-friendly designing app!”

The Murphy Studio is a bespoke invitation and wedding stationery design studio based out of Pune. Founded by Mitali Patil in 2017, The Murphy Studio has catered to over hundreds of couples based in India and abroad and are loved by their clientele for their breathtaking designs and creativity. You can get in touch with them on +91 8888967967 or write to them at