The Wed Post x The Wedding Bartenders - 12 Questions Your Wedding Bartenders Want You To Ask Them

Published by - The Wed Post | 12 minute read

Weddings over the years have grown to be synonymous with fun, merriment and revelling. While it undoubtedly is the most important event of a couple's life, it is obvious that they want everyone attending it to be having the time of their lives on their big day! And while it is very much possible to ensure that a party is at its rocking best thanks to a groovy dance floor and a DJ who knows your choice of songs perfectly, it only more than helps if the event is complete with a classic bar serving the choicest of boozy cocktails and drinks to step up the partying game! And who understands this better than the darling of Indian wedding’s beverage industry- The Wedding Bartenders!

We got a chance to get all up, close and personal with their team to learn a little more about how they manage setting up such wonderful bars of all themes and concepts. Talking about the process of planning and executing the design of a stellar bar differently for each wedding, Ruturaj Bhosle, Chief Marketing Officer at The Wedding Bartenders says, “Communication is the key to plan every kind of setup from decor to food menu to your wedding bar. It is absolutely necessary for couples to have a detailed conversation with their bartenders so as to convey the ideas in their mind clearly. The right ideas spoken and correct questions asked ensure that both the parties are well on the same page and that is exactly what leads to beautiful layouts!"

Explaining this in detail, the team of The Wedding Bartenders shared with us a list of 12 questions that ideally all couples should be asking the bartenders before booking them for their big day. Read on to know what these questions are.

What are the latest trends in wedding bars?

Wedding bars have revolutionised in the past few years. It’s not just about serving alcohol over the bar counter but now the couple and families are keen on understanding the beverage menu. Now more than ever before, the names of the signature cocktails / non-alcoholic drinks and their style of presentation is of utmost importance to the clients and us. 

Can you share a few innovative ideas for different wedding functions?

Since Indian weddings are often planned well in advance our team gets good time to understand our client’s expectations and tastes. We have a dedicated in-house research and development team working on creating new trends, developing concepts and experimenting with various ingredients and finally creating most desirable recipes. 

Few of our very renowned and trending concepts include Molecular Bar, Gin & Tonic Bar, Fresh fruit Martini/Margarita Bar and Old Fashioned Bar.

At The Wedding Bartenders we believe in creating a harmonious sync between the beverage concepts aligned to the theme of the wedding event. For instance for a Mehendi ceremony which is often very relaxed and informal we suggest having a DIY sangria bar, Spritz Bar, Mexican or even a classy Bloody Mary bar to contribute to the fun intended in the ceremony.

How many bartenders from your team will be travelling for the wedding?

The bartenders count is often based on the number of guests attending the wedding. However the basic thumb rule that we follow is 1 bartender can cater to 50-60 guests all through the night at a particular event. We frequently receive the query from our clients informing us that the drinking crowd is only 60-75% and if still the recommended number of bartenders are required. Our justification in this case is that even non-drinkers visit the bar to grab a mocktail or virgin drink and so while accounting for bartenders we take the entire footfall into count. Our menu also has options for mocktails and non alcoholic drinks. It takes equal skills, effort and time to prepare both kinds of drinks. In order to avoid crowding at the bar and to prevent any annoying delay of service, we recommend having at least 2 bartenders. 

Can you recommend a few bar concepts and decor themes that are trending?

Décor themes and bar setups nowadays are very elaborate at weddings. Being an exclusive bar management company we do not design themes or execute the décor however we do give our suggestions keeping in mind the working feasibility and bar set up. The decor is often executed by the event management company or the appointed décor firm. 

Of course we cautiously blend in the given themes and execute bar operations immaculately.  

The most newfangled bar setup themes that The Wedding Bartenders have worked upon are Egyptian, Bohemian, The Great Gatsby, Glow in the dark, Buddha Bar, Mexican, Mad hatters tea party, Back to School and Science.

What are the different bar props that you can get customised for my wedding?

Customisation is one of our company’s forte and it contributes significantly to the overall guest experience. We are extremely attentive to small details incorporating valuable elements that sure can make the couple feel extra special. There are many bar accessories that we customise and personalise like Straw Tags, Drink Bottle Tags, Shot Bottles, Personalised hangover kits, Coasters, engraved Hip Flasks. Apart from these, garnishing a cocktail with the wedding logo is trending and we love to execute it in different ways.

With more and more people becoming health conscious, can you curate a bar menu for guests on diet?

Yes some people are calorie conscious. Our inhouse R&D team has developed a whole range of signature recipes without any use of artificial sweeteners. The cocktails and mocktails are made using only fresh fruits, herbs, spices and exotic flavourful ingredients sourced naturally. Contemporary Homemade Gommes and syrups are created depending upon the flavour choice of each guest.

Can you help us with some classic old themes which have still been in vogue over the years?

Themes such as Royalty have always been in vogue. Guests demand for a much classy and efficient glassware, props as per themes. Old english bar themes and classic cocktails too have made a prominent comeback.

What is your take on a customised bar menu? Can couples opt for specially customised drinks?

TWB customises every drink as per the preference of the guests. A flavour tasting trial is conducted for the couple and their family members. This is as per the brief on the choice of flavours or spirits that they share with us. Various drinks are handcrafted for tasting and testing. We also work on naming the drinks on the menu differently. Most of the times these names are based on the story of the couple- how they met, fell in love etc. They can also be changed according to the theme of the function and the names of the couple.

How can you incorporate Molecular Mixology in my wedding bar?

Molecular mixology is the theatrical glamour factor at wedding bars. It comprises using liquid nitrogen to make caviars, using candy floss in cocktails or creating complex flavours using basic ingredients. We have been vastly innovative when it comes to molecular mixology. The newest trend includes making flavoured ice cubes, using charcoal in drinks, smoking cocktails with cigars to name a few.

Do you help with alcohol consumption estimates? Who manages the alcohol inventory during functions?

Based on our experience and certain mastered calculations we definitely assist our client with expected consumption analysis as per the events planned.

Alcohol inventory is a part of our job profile. We ensure that each and every bottle issued by the guest or hospitality vertical is accounted for. In fact there is a comprehensive procedure to keep all the empty bottles and count them in the end to ensure transparency and validate accountability.

Can you suggest a few fun ways to serve drinks during the baraat?

We understand that baraat is indeed the most important function for the groom's side and it’s not easy to serve guests as they are in a crowd and engrossed in dancing. 

Hence we prep for individual unbreakable customised bottles, hip flasks, cans, alcoholic popsicles etc which can be relished without interrupting the fun of being in a baraat. Also it works very well as people feel the need to quench their thirst during a baraat.

Can we see a few images and pictures of your previously setup bars?

This is one of the most important questions you have to ask your bartenders. While you can taste their flavours through a tasting session they will organise for you, the pictures will only help you understand how your bar will actually look. You can have a look at these through our Instagram page, Facebook account. Or for more details, you can always get in touch with us via our profile here.