Things to keep in mind while hiring a wedding planner

Published by - Ananya | 5 minute read

You can either be the bride or the wedding planner; but if you manage to be both, then you’re officially Wonder Woman! On a serious note, planning your own wedding is never easy, there are so many little details that you need to oversee, and you’re going to have to take care of a hundred other things as the bride! Our advice? Hire a wedding planner if you can afford one. It will make your wedding, and your life for those few months, a lot easier. Just keep these few things in mind while hiring your wedding planner, and it will all be smooth sailing.

Who recommended this planner?

It is very easy to go on Instagram or Facebook and find wedding planners. But has anyone recommended these planners? You don’t want to hire a wedding planner who ends up doing a shoddy job. You also don’t want a wedding planner who goes everything perfectly but goes way over budget with hidden costs. So, always ask for recommendations. If nothing else, go online and read the reviews that people have given these wedding planners. Reviews really matter!

What’s your budget?

If your budget for hiring a wedding planner is Rs 50,000 then there is no point looking at planners who charge Rs 5 lakhs. So, how much are you willing to spend on one? Though, bear in mind that a wedding planner usually does have tie-ups with various vendors and caterers, so you’ll probably end up getting a better rate when you hire your vendors through them. If you overstep your budget with the wedding planner, you’re definitely going to exceed your overall wedding budget.

What’s their aesthetic?

Before you finalize on any one wedding planner, have a list of potential options ready. Then, go check out their pages on social media to understand their design and decor aesthetic. Does it match yours? Is it too simple for your taste? Is it too over-the-top for your liking? The best way to settle on a wedding planner is by seeing if their aesthetic matches yours – that means easy communication, easy understanding and lesser mess-ups.

What are your expectations?

When you meet the potential wedding planners for the first time, be open. Talk about what your budget is, how flexible it is or is not, what kind of wedding you want to have, what themes you have in mind and what your dream wedding is all about. Then, try to gauge if the wedding planners are on board with your ideas or not. It is important to not have unrealistic expectations! You cannot expect them to follow everything you say to the tee – you need to give the wedding planners some creative space! Basically, you need your wedding planner to be on board with your ideas and understand exactly what you need and want.

Will this wedding planner get along with your family?

Wedding planners work very closely with you and your family. So, they need to get along with your family. It is understood that your family will have their own ideas and opinions – will your wedding planner be able to handle the pressure? Also, when you’re in the middle of a ceremony or you’re getting your hair and makeup done, your wedding planner will be talking to one of your family members about what needs to be done. In short, your wedding planner and your family must see eye to eye.

There is a wedding planner out there for your dream wedding, just make sure you do your research, figure out your budget, open all channels of communication and let the planning begin!