Trendy Blouse Designs We Can't Take Our Eyes Off

Published by - The Wed Post | 7 minute read

When you’re wearing a saree or a lehenga, the blouse can make or break the outfit. You could literally be wearing a plain chiffon lehenga with a tiny border, pair that with a sexy backless blouse and your outfit will go from basic to bomb! Similarly, you could wear one of your grandmother's gorgeous silk sarees and a poorly-designed blouse could ruin the grace of that silk saree. The blouse matters! Since we’re so obsessed with blouses right now, we thought we’d share these 17 blouses that we’re crushing on right now! #blousecrusheveryday

Image by The Blouse Post

Wow, just wow. That deep back, those tassels hanging from the top, that simple embroidery, everything about this blouse is just perfect. This is a design we could totally get behind!

Image by Fatima Ilay

Yes, yes, yes. A hundred times yes. So chic, so sophisticated and so modern. We could imagine a young bride wearing this for her mehendi, a bridesmaid wearing this for a wedding or a new bride wearing this on her reception day. Flawless perfection.

Image by Anita Dongre

Say what you may, but we’re totally loving this simple and elegant blouse! That cut has been designed so flawlessly, just deep enough to show a hint of cleavage and covered enough to look super classy. And the way it shows off her collar bones, absolutely gorgeous!

Image by Ridhi Mehra

Faux feathers on my blouse? Hell yes! We love how the designer has paired a simple bustier with this extravagant faux feathers short cape to create a blouse. Pair this one with a lehenga or straight pants and you’re going to make heads turn!

Image by Anushree Reddy

Off-shoulder blouses all the way. These blouses kind of remind us of the women’s fashion during the 80’s – classy but a little sultry. We think women who pair their sarees with off-shoulder blouses are absolute fashionistas!

Image by Ridhi Mehra

Who needs a dupatta when you have this blouse? Notice how this ruffled blouse is paired with a gorgeous embroidered lehenga – the blouse doesn’t take away from the lehenga, it only adds to it. And that is why we cannot get over this beauty!

Image by Mahima Mahajan

The corset-inspired blouse is another favourite. This design elevates a blouse from beautiful, to bold and beautiful! For the new-age woman who wants to add a touch of modern to traditional dressing, this blouse is the one for her.

Image by Mahima Mahajan

Show off your shoulder blades with this beauty! This one is quite a well thought out blouse – it looks so elegant and classy from the front and as soon as you turn around there are these modern cuts that you’d only see on a high-fashion runway. We like what we see here!

Image via Prema Chowdury

It’s like she's wearing a studded suit of armour, of course, it’s a really sultry suit of armour! It’s bold, it’s different and it’s such a modern take on a basic black blouse, we love it!

Image by Shloka Khialani

When you don’t want to go completely backless but you’re really in the mood to go backless, this blouse is the one to choose! It’s so simple yet it has such an impact. Absolutely fabulous!

Image by Ashwin Thiyagarajan

Sexy yet covered up! What a unique take on a blouse. That halter bikini inspired top paired with that sheer full sleeves sort-of-vest has totally got our attention!

Image by Ashwin Thiyagarajan

Graceful with a side of sexy? Yes, please. We love how this blouse looks like a traditional embroidered blouse from afar, and when you get a little closer you see that plunging neckline.

Image by Kali Clothings Co

For the woman who wants to add that oomph factor to even the most simple of sarees. This back-tie blouse manages to look so sexy while being so simple. This blouse, an embroidered chiffon saree and huge sunglasses are day wedding goals.

Image by Ashwin Thiyagarajan

This uber-chic black blouse with those puffy net sleeves that are so out of the box! We also love the work on the neck – is it a necklace, it is embroidery, it is a patch? Bystanders will never know.

Image by Manish Malhotra

This structured sleeve is taking off the fashion world by storm and we love it. This blouse is so versatile, you can actually mix and match it with various outfits – the only thing this blouse will do is take your outfit to a whole new level!

Image by Mahima Mahajan

Easy to wear, absolutely covered yet so impactful that we can’t take our eyes off it! Instead of making this a typical halter blouse, the designer has used embroidered net which we think is pretty damn smart. Full points to this designer.