Unique proposal ideas that she will love

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Whether you’re having an arranged marriage or a love marriage, a proposal is a must! Yes, you have to go down on one knee and give her the ring, but what makes this cliché move not-so- cliché. Not that she isn’t going to love it if you propose to her over a general dinner, but we’re thinking the more unique and special, the better! So, if you’re ready to pop the question but you want to do something different, here are a few proposal ideas for you!

Get your dog to do it

Umm, a dog proposing? Who won’t say yes? If she loves dogs just as much as you, then this is perfect! Let her walk into your house and see your dog (or her dog) with a ‘Will you marry me?’ placard around his or her neck and when she turns to look at you just go down on your knee with the ring. She’ll squeal with joy!

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Tippy, tippy, tap

If you’ve been high school sweethearts, then this is the perfect proposal for you! Remember the game tippy tippy tap? Hide a ring inside, start the whole ‘tippy tippy tap which colour do you want’ routine and without really playing the game, go down on your knee and open it up to show her the ring.

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Books to the rescue

If your girlfriend is an avid reader, then what better way than to propose using a book? Either, you can write something cute and romantic on the pages followed by the real question – will you marry me? Or, you can make a little cut out in the book and place the ring in that. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get mad at you for ruining a book!

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Princess finds her happily ever after in Disneyland

Every girl loves Disneyland, so this is obviously a good idea. Plus, she’s going to feel like a princess – duh, it’s Disneyland. Also, the pictures are going to be really adorable and she’s going to cherish this memory forever! PS, does a Disneyland experience get any better than this?

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High up in the sky

Proposing on an airplane could be such an amazing way to pop the question. You can ask the cabin crew or pilot to announce something like ‘To the lady on seat number 5A, Mr Singh has an important question he’d like to ask you’. If not an airplane, you can even propose during a helicopter ride or on a hot air balloon. It’s just as romantic!

Food is the way to the heart

If she’s a foodie, then you got this! Order pizza, just like you would on a regular night in. She’ll open the box to a big ‘will you marry me’ message and see you down on one knee. You could do the same thing with cupcakes. You can even give her a little cupcake with the engagement ring as the cupcake topper – she’ll be screaming with excitement!

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What does your fortune say?

Plan a date at a restaurant which serves fortune cookies after dinner. Now you have two options – either you ask them to place the ring in the fortune cookie so she opens the cookie to find a ring or you ask them to write ‘will you marry me’ on the fortune slip. Either way, be waiting with one knee on the ground so she knows it’s for real!

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Propose underwater

If you and your girlfriend are total and absolute water babies, then why not propose underwater? Plan a snorkelling tour on your vacation. Let the snorkelling crew know in advance so they can take pictures. Just pop open the box and let the ring do its magic!

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